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Just a little introduction I didn't want to use as my bio:
While I was raised in a Christian household, I only ever identified as such for the 5th grade in an attempt to gain popularity. My parents did a great job of teaching their 4 children to think for themselves and I have questioned the premise of religion since I was about 5. Growing up in Georgia and being openly not Christian throughout public school meant many people were scared of me, thought I was a witch or devil worshiper and insisted on "saving my eternal soul" by bringing me to their various churches. Because I'm far more open minded than they were, I went to every single invitation to a church throughout school. Not only did none of them impress me or convince me to accept Jesus Christ as my lord and savior, many of them actually made me quite disgusted by religion in general. I've always respected the concept of faith and think it is important for people to have something to believe in, but I think that thing should be tangible and it would be best to simply have faith in yourself and your own capabilities, or faith in scientifically established laws of nature- something measurable and malleable.

verdefae 5 Jan 6

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Welcome, @verdefae! I, too, believe that the religious should be allowed their faith as they need it and don't wish to cause anyone distress. But it's been lovely to be surrounded by the"faithless" - I hope you'll find our little group here a more comfortable environment for you.


I salute your intestinal fortitude at being able to sit through all those services as someone who hadn't "drunk the Koolaid," so to speak. It certainly is educational if you can stomach it. I was raised steeped in that nonsense but am now glad I have a lot of familiarity with the Bible, because that allows me to respond competently to proslytizers who are hopelessly convinced that the Bible is the font of all knowledge and infallible word of Gawd, etc. My son is growing up quite the skeptic, thank you very much, but I do wish I had found a way to teach him what is in the Bible without it seeming like torture. lol


Very nice to get to know you, your parents seem to have done a good job in teaching you how to think for yourself.


I just saw that you actually joined in the very beginning -- back in October -- so you've been around a while.

Glad your mom heeded y'all's pleas.


Wouldn't "faith in yourself and your own capabilities" or "faith in scientifically established laws of nature" be trust based on evidence?


Glad you joined us. Welcome.




I too was forced to attend catholic school. In 2ed grade I could no longer take the falsities that the nuns and priest were forcing. I and my younger brother insisted to my mom that the school was not for us.It took some convincing (mom was raised catholic and she thought that that we need that type of instruction) after several months of complaints my mom took us out and put us in public school.


Welcome aboard


Welcome...have fun.


Welcome to the group, you're definitely in the right place! 🙂


Welcome. I think you will enjoy it here. Open minded people are the best. 🙂

Betty Level 7 Jan 7, 2018

Welcome and may you find this little place a lot to your liking... a lot of cool things happening here in a daily basis... and cool people too always dropping by.

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