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What would you like most in a partner?

What would you like most in a partner?
(Before a guy replies... "ME" first! Ha!)

Can choose more than one... but couldn't limit poll... so limit to 3, thanks!

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HeyHiHullo 7 Jan 7

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polls are hard to design


Also intelligence and kindness.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 7, 2018

All plus intelligence and more or less same political and religious views .


Well heck... all the above. All the above is out there.

But definitely hard as hell to find!

I guess all of the above is out there...but I never was able to find it!

You ever heard of location, location, location its all about location. I knew a couple of guys join a group just to meet the people. Heck, I met my wife at an A.A. camping retreat I go to twice a Year for the last 25 years. Im not bragging because we have our disagreements.


Honesty would be nice.
Same view on religion.

I think of that as part of integrity.

@Neraven okay I guess I wanted to be specific, as I dumped my last 4 month fling due to being lied to once too many times.

Definitely understandable. Sorry about the relationship you lost.


Common ground in religion and politics is number one.

I listed dealbreakers in my online profiles, and those were #2 and #1, respectively. Unfortunately, a lot of men don't like to read so I still got messages from totally incompatible men.

@dkp93 lol


Intelligence as well.

There are many forms of intelligence. I believe that intelligence in terms of IQ needs greater than lesser compatibility however other forms of intelligence may well complement the other's to create a super unit that is the partnership working as one for the good of both.


Everything plus intelligence, sense of humor, imagination, and honest communication. Attractiveness I equate with chemistry not looks. 🙂

Betty Level 7 Jan 7, 2018

For someone to be with me they have to have integrity which includes having respect and loyalty as well as self respect. They do definitely need a need a sense of humour without one they won't last long.


By financial security, I guess that means she has a job as opposed to women who do not work?

I would take that to mean he/she doesn't need your money. At my age if the potential partner is retired and has pension/SS/savings that's reasonably financially secure but doesn't need to have a "job".

In that case..yes...she would need financial security as well.


Common sense.


I always find myself saying "be nice."


I am attracted to intelligent women. Intelligence should be one of the choices.


A partner, in every sense of the word.


I am going to leave this as To Be Determined. When my partner finds me... I will accept her as she is and I will like her for "all of it". Of course does not means I will lower my standards just simply that she will already had a well developed personality and comfortable how she is with herself... the hearts will know... we will match accordingly or she won't be a Partner right?


A genuine, kind, and loving person. Is all that I require.


I choose confidence and humor. Many times a funny wise cracking person uses humor because they are nervous or unsure. By the same token a humous person tends to be confident and puts themself out there. I think a confident person has done some self examination. Intelligence is not on the list, intelligence would have been my first choice. Of course all of this is just MO.


Integrity for the win!!! Woo hoo!!

In THIS poll. There are many characteristics and personality traits that matter to each one of us.


Intelligence was left out. In my opinion, most people on this site would vote intelligence as one of the three choices.


How about altruism?


Humor and loyalty are the biggest for me. There's no relationship if you can't trust the person and what's the point of life without laughter??!!


Must worship me like a god.


Before anyone opens fire let me say my act lead is a business partner first, close friend second and anything beyond is icing. I also have "partners for a day" in models who have no time for the act but want to be a part of the photographic "mythos". While "Heff is my hero", I'm at that age where I can take a "take it or leave it" attitude towards primary drive is the art.

So...all of the above except "financial security". We'll get it together soon enough.

The clincher, of course, is 25 is pretty much the age limit, as is for the women I rarely "just date", these dates most often being an interview for the act itself or additional art.

Call it "artistic arrested development" BUT there is an irresistible (thus, highly marketable) charm to a beautiful singing, dancing, acting lead...a duo to die, or at least drop a dime, for.

I train them in musical theater and give them as much artistic freedom in character development and portrayal as possible I develop any so interested in modeling and, of the 50 or so I worked with, have lost many to the better opportunities offered them.

The closest I've come to adding the third "romantic interest" was a disaster, with a well trained lead suddenly doing things "her way", so everything sounded the same without the characterizations we'd worked so hard on. Her boyfriend could neither play or sing very well and was far more interested in "managing" than learning...

When I'm working with a lead in a professional capacity I usually have little time for other "relationships".

Anyway, there you have "her"..."them". Still, for whatever places they've had in my life they each, in their own special way, are the loves of my life. Literally through the art we exchange "parts" of each other.

@HeyHiHullo I profusely apologize for the lengthy post but moreso I thank you for the question! Though it's been asked of me several times I've never given it this introspection and exposition.

Now let me copy this puppy for later use! Thanks again!


Write-in vote for intellectual curiosity, which can mean many things, someone who’ll send me links to things they come across on their social media feed or what they read about in a book, maybe someone who can give me the cultural education I didn’t receive in engineering school.

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