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What Change would you like to see in Politics?

I have a very long list of things that I would want to change inn politics but I would like to see what this community thinks!?

msalyards 4 July 19

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Block money from corporations and redbuild the wall between church and state. Too many laws are being made or changed to benefit corporations instead of our citizens.


Term limits and end lobbying.

i agree

Lobbying will always be there ,there is just too much at stake


A third party is sounding more and more like a great idea.

I firmly believe that we should get rid of all parties! Politicians should run on their own platform and have more debates and town hall meetings! I don't appreciate this ridiculousness that political parties stick to an outdated agenda. Each politician should run on their own merits period! That is one change I would make, one of a long long list lol!

@msalyards True but these days it takes millions just to run a campaign which a lot of candidates simply don't have,but in the end Hillary out spent Trump and Trump won spending next to nothing so that is the conundrum


I'd like to see an end to name calling.

True find more politically correct ways of insulting each other haha!


I'd like to see the super delegate system tossed; the electoral college system tossed; tax releases for federal candidacy; an end to corporate sponsored politicians.

HAHAHA Hillary had all of the super delegates in her back pocket before Bernie even had a chance to make his offer hahaha


Get the money out of it! It would be different overnight.

This is also my answer.

@JenBeberstein Great minds.... ?


Campaign spending and receiving limits.


Overturn Citizens United

Please realize that Citizens United was just one of many rulings that propped up corporations with constitutional rights and corporate person-hood.

However, I can see your heart is in the right place.

@snytiger6 Oh I know it's not the only problem. But I think it's a great place to start.


First and foremost: Break the two-party stranglehold. That is a HUGE part of the problem.


I want to see paper ballots and a real time vote counter of every district online and no more electoral college. I'll live with the decision.


I'd like to see an end to the two party system. It does not serve the people adequately. There are so many other shade of political affiliation that needs to be represented. We need to end gerrymandering. We need shorter election seasons. We need to get big money and private influence out of politics, let campaigns be run with tax money, spending limits, and total transparency. We need to end the electoral college, one person one vote. Corporations are not people and should not have a vote. Lobbyists should be banned. Congress needs a heck of a pay cut and total transparency of all donations.


The amount of money allowed in elections. Campaigns for primaries and general elections should only be 3 months each with a 3 month break from the end of the primary to the start of the general election campaign.

dokala Level 7 July 27, 2018

I'd like to see a lot of changes, but given this forum, how about the Christian requirement. Come on, I'm pretty sure some of our former presidents weren't true believers, but they had to decieve from the get go in order to get elected. I want my politicians to make decisions based on their moral judgments based on experience and not on a book written about some invisible guy in the sky eons ago.

lorad Level 1 July 23, 2018

Taxes should be spent depending what programs need it the most like education, infrastructure and the like.


More transparency , accountable and more participation in the people will bring more changes.


For one thing, a more cheaper process. All that money wasted in campaign and big conventions don't make sense anymore. The good years of the land of plenty are gone and won't come back. We must be smart about it going foreward



ipdg77 Level 8 July 19, 2018

More executions.- of politicians, I mean.

That's fine and dandy, just keep in mind that if you live by the sword then must be ready to die by it as well

@IamNobody , That's religious. I don't subscribe.

@maturin1919 , Oops. Sorry. That was supposed to be a reply to IamNobody .

@chucklesIII why is it religious? If you start a fight then better get ready to be punched on the face. That's how violence logic works. Has nothing to do with religion. At least that wasn't my intent.

@chucklesIII, @maturin1919 agree, we all are going to go someday. It's much better if we can choose when

@IamNobody , but you said "if you live by the sword then must be ready to die by it as well". That was a quote from Jesus, who was a religious figure. There are some people who were violent and did not die violently, like Napoleon for instance. In any case,even though my fist statement was mainly in jest (Like most lawyer jokes) it still stands. Especially when it comes to treason.

@chucklesIII the only Jesus I know is a Mexican dude. Nice guy though. He doesn't know either the Jesus you're talking about. I must have seen that quote on movies more than once, it does sound logical to me anyway. Killing politicians is not something we should joke about (or any other person for that matter). Making them accountable and liable, that's a different story


I like to see a lot of the old white men form both sides voted out and replaced with some very liberal women of all races.


I would like the candidates to not be able to take money from special interestsand super pacs. If candidates only took money from the American people then we would really see who is the more popular.

Jjones Level 4 July 19, 2018

Thank you for the comments! I can see that we all basically want similar things, it is my feeling that most Americans feel the same way deep down. The problem is the citizenry doesn't pay attention to what is going on and doesn't search for alternative news. Our news as well as our elections are bought and paid for! Also @Jlangston70, I agree mostly with you about the likely hood that nothing will change but alas that's only true if we don't step up and start changing things! Always remember, "People shouldn't be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people." (Sorry if I misquoted) There are always more of us than there are of them! All it takes if movement or a spark for people to wake up to the despicable position we find ourselves in today.


Consider that the DNC had intended from the get go that Hillary Clinton was going to be the Party Candidate to run for President before the campaigning even started ,might as well just give her the title ,stop the primaries and go directly to the campaigning for President right away.I say stop Politics fixing.


The Democrats need to stop crying about losing and try to win the normal way, through the voting process not mob justice what is that?


The End of It.


It would be easier to list what I want to stay the same which is pretty much nothing.

mt49er Level 7 July 19, 2018
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