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Trumps first year

After 8 years of Obama Americans were fed up with the democrats, who lost over 1000 seats at the state and federal level while Obama was in office and elected Donald Trump as president. Trump has already done away with over 800 Obama era regulations, the economy is picking up, the stock market is at record levels and unemployment is lower than it’s been in years. Do you approve or disapprove of Trumps performance during his first year?

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Trajan61 8 Jan 7

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Nobody with the slightest sense of reason or decency has managed to understand yet how anyone could put this self-obsessed, vile, racist, misogynist, and clearly incompetent embarrassment of the human species into that position.


Your poll will be so skewed due to the fact that most atheists are left wingers. These people are gnashing their teeth just waiting and hoping for Trump to fail . The passage of tax reform is becoming a huge success. Trump has already done more in his first year that the pos we had in office the previous 8.

I agree with you 100%. Your one of the few in this group who has any sense!

He has failed already and he has proven to be a constant source of embarrassment and worry. It just seems to take awfully long for some people to be intellectually capable of realising that.


I think the one saving grace for Trump's presidency thus-far has been how little he's done compared to most other presidents.

He’s repealed over 800 Obama Era regulations which cost billions for little gain and pulled back from the idiotic Iran deal. Hell he’s done more in 1 year than that idiot Obama did in 8!


It is easy to turn around the economy when you max out your credit cards with tax breaks deregulation etc. All you are doing is passing the buck to the next administration. Sorry folks in the US of A but you have 13 trillion dollars of debt and rising. What happens when the rest of the world calls in your markers?

Obama doubled the national debt. Trump’s at least trying to stimulate the economy to try to outgrow the debt.

@Trajan61 That would be hard not to if you look at this []

@Trajan61 And sorry I said 13 trillion It`s 20. 13 was what George W left it at


Trump is an embarrassment, both domestically and internationally. He hasn't accomplished anything other than to fill his (and his cronies) pockets with our money. His foreign policy continues to confound our allies, even to the point where he's practically given away our mantle as the world's shining example of hope and equality. Everything the man does (in an entire YEAR in office) has been self-serving, even to the point where his only 'accomplishments' are to scuttle health care, reverse environmental protection and make things easier for the 1% to get even richer. The GOP ('The party of Christian Values', remember?) has given us a president who is the poster child for six of the seven 'deadly sins'. He's ruining the country I love, and for the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I'm ashamed of our country and its people...


I disapprove of: Trump, his sons, his older daughter, his businesses, his wife, people who can stand Trump, people who voted Trump, most Republicans at this point in Trump's political career, people who were supposed to 'help' Trump stay inbounds but have failed and not moved on, people who will probably vote for Trump next time.
Did I leave anyone out?

PEGUS Level 5 Jan 8, 2018

Hey everyone, please remember our guidelines about attacking others instead of their beliefs. Trump is a hot topic. Be constructive perhaps? Thanks 🙂

Admin Level 8 Jan 8, 2018

Thank you. Visceral comments and name calling do not promote healthy discourse.


Is that his performance as a clown, a narcissist, a bumbling idiot, a self server making himself richer at the tax payers expense, a want to be dictator, friend of the oligarchs. or as a pretend christian. Now let talk about the economy and the ever increasing divide between the top 1% and the middle class and the working poor, how about the fact that the biggest reason for the increase in stock prices is that corporations are buying up their own stocks, lets talk about the 30 million people that will loose healthcare, the crumbling infrastructure, how about gross underemployment being up or the fact that the economic policies that reduce unemployment were Obama's.

Man! I don't just think I like you;, I think I love you. lol

Seeing as you live in Canada why are you so concerned about Trump? You should be trying to get rid of that idiot Trudeau.

@PEGUS May I watch! 😉

@PEGUS , because I don't have to live it I think itmakws it easier to analyze what is going on, I am available,LOL

@Trajan61 , sleeping next to an elephant should be a concern to anyone.

@Trajan61 , Trudeau is hardly an idiot, he certainly knows how to manipulate the Orange Clown. He is definitely better than the social conservative christian Scheer, but neither are my choice since Canada is not confined by the 2 party system.


Some comparisons.
At least Trump hasn't started any new wars (unlike Bush)
At least Trump is trying to make the government more efficient (unlike Hillary would've done)
At least Trump understands how democracy works (unlike the anarchist liberal protestors)
At least Trump is reshaping the country for the sake of his American people (unlike Obama)

Sure Trump may have some bad points. But who doesn't? No one can say they are without fault.

Besides. It takes a lot of strength to stand against the world of liberal fantasies and people who just throw allegations out there without evidence or foresight.

Trump isn't perfect. But he's doing a far better job than Hillary would've done.

Trump understands how democracy works? LOL! What about the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? Does he know jack about that? I'd bet 10 years of my income that he could not recite even one paragraph from it, nor could he name even five of the Amendments. He doesn't know shit about running this country. He is a loser -- at everything except being a successful con man.

All I meant is that Trump won by democratic vote. Anyone who says otherwise is just a sore loser who needs to move on with their life.

The majority will get what they wanted.

@Lancer He lost the popular vote. So no, the majority didn't get what they wanted...

@shockwaverider The popular vote doesn’t elect the president. It’s the electoral vote that counts. The popular vote was pretty much a dead heat. Time to move on.

Saying that he's doing a better job than Hillary would have is a really weak argument, considering that it's untestable...and hey, at the end of the war, there were still people who thought Hitler was good for Germany....

Just saying. Since we don't have anywhere near enough information on the real reason for WW2, you can't use that example.

One of the conditions of the treaty after the war was that Germany couldn't publish any pre war documents. Sounds suspicious right? This is in effect until 2099. Why is that?
I've heard that it was repealed but I don't trust that. There's only one reason that the US, UK, France and other nations would keep these pre-war documents hidden, they contain the truth behind Hitlers actions.

Yes he most likely ordered his troops, yes he most likely comitted genocide. I wasn't there so I can't confirm or deny these things. But the version of history we were given by the British and American forces is far from the truth.

Bearing in mind, Britain committed genocide against the people of Ireland twice in the last 2 centuries.

Also popular vote is BS. The people who voted in that would've been the young and immature facebook, snapchat, twitter, etc generation. They are addicted to social media and the forcible limitation of free speech. The people who matter, the ones who voted for Trump. They are the American people who are too busy working for a living to be voting for a stupid popular vote. People who are hardworking and honest are too busy to involve themselves in stupid things like a popular vote which means nothing at all.

you can't really be that fucking stupid. You just shit on everything this country has stood for, for the last 250 yr.s

Government of the people, by the people, for the people.
You also just told 3 million people they mean nothing at all.
Having shit for brains would be a improvement for you.


I didn't insult everything that America has stood for. America is the same as any other nation in the world in that it has both good aspects and bad ones.

What I am saying is that democracy has succeeded. The person that the people voted for, won the election. Popular vote means nothing because anyone in the world can vote in a popular vote.

The only vote that matters is the presidential election votes.

The reason Trump won is because he represents traditional values, something that has sadly almost become extinct in the newer generations. If you truly believe in improving America then you should wait. Wait and see what Trump does. He has nothing to gain from being president, he already had money. Sure he might be in it for himself. But we don't know that yet. Stop assuming. Just wait and then use the facts at the end of Trumps first term. Because if the results are good then he may well have a 2nd.

@Lancer shit hole countries... I can see I'm wasting my time here. watch something besides fox news


He stole the title of worst president in US history in record time ... it had previously taken Bush Jr. from 3 to 5 years to earn that. He represents the worst of both humanity and ‘America.’ I am ashamed, totally ashamed of my nation ..who I’d been so proud of with the election/s of Barack Obama … the President who’s recovery we’re still riding.. On the rare snippets I see of President Obama … I’ll think - That’s when America was great ~

Varn Level 8 Jan 8, 2018

And the debt too.

Dig this:


Honestly, I'm so distracted by what a terrible person tRUMPy is and his racist and nationalist agenda, I can't judge his platform.

So far however, all rRUMPy has done is give corporations tax breaks at the expense of kid's healthcare (CHIP), meals on wheels and heating subsidies. Oh yes, he's also turned ICE into a modern SS, allowed drilling in the Artic and Pacific without safty regulations, and got us to the brink of nuclear war with N. Korea.

I could care less about an extra zero for a CEO's payout, the stock market and consumer confidence. The satisfaction of pissing of liberals cannot be worth the very real human cost of having this buffoon sitting at the resolute desk.


His anti-science, anti-intellectual actions have been enough to earn my complete disdain.

Zster Level 8 Jan 7, 2018

You’re comments are misleading. If anything, they are a bit opposite.

The economy, stock market, and unemployment stats are rolling over from before 45.

And I feel like you’re saying ‘done away with over 800 Obama era regulations’ is a good thing. Why is taking the basics away from those who need it the most, positive for us as a nation? And no, children, the disabled, and the elderly should not suffer, because people don’t want to cough up a few dollars a year.


I will leave it to you guys talk among yourselves.


When speaking “off script” he sounds like a complete idiot. If you’ve ever read any of the transcripts, so much of it is incoherent, narcissistic, and self-aggrandizing. Mentally stable and a genius? Nothing about him impresses me.

Even when on-script, he sounds like a complete idiot. My favorite is when he reads a word wrong. Instead of saying "Excuse me," or something like that, he parlays the word into an extra thought.

So, instead of "The farmhouse was located 15 miles from Chicago," he'll say "The fantastic -- and I mean, really, the farmhouse is fantastic -- they really know how to build farmhouses out there -- and that's an understatement, believe me -- it's 15 miles from Chcago."

I rarely choose to hear words come out of his mouth anymore. It affects my mood too much.

@BlueWave I hope he hasn’t rewritten the playbook to the presidency… Though, have you noticed that after a bumbling idiot (Republican) president ..they’re usually followed by brilliant (Democrat) president? Now I’d thought Carter, Clinton & Obama were beyond bright … but does this one mean our next will be a political Einstein? 😀


He hasnt done anything legislative to impact our economy. the increase in stock markets job growth is on the same path upwards from the last administration. Things will most likely continue to improve in celebration of being without obama..Everyone remembers how horrible the last 8 years was Right...NOT!

“... continue to improve... “ if we’re lucky and NOT for the efforts of trump or this administration. With the house, the senate and the courts behind trump, still un able to accomplish anything positive. Anything positive that has occurred is the result of President Obama efforts... I know you know that.... just sayin.


approve of his baring of all that is wrong with democracy. If you don't see it now I don't know what to say. oh and he has yet to attack another country unlike obama who attacked libya and syria


My mutual funds are doing Very well

If wealth is more important than the environment try holding your breath while you count your money.

Yeah. Growth rate is still following the same general trend since 2009, so that makes sense.


Apparently I am a minority in here I am libertarian and I voted for Trump but I don't think he is doing enough to get us back to the constitution and its limits on the federal government

I cannot stand how someone so inept is so deluded about his abilities. Have you read about his failed businesses and cheating workers out of pay? Trying to screw young people enrolled in Trump U? Treating women like meat? So entitled to his gold toilet seats-how could he care about anyone or thing but himself? He is just a con artist.


That is all Trump has been about, removing Obama's legacy rather than creating one of his one. What an ass-clown.

godef Level 7 Jan 7, 2018

I'm most concerned about nuclear war. You can't poke a bear.

Sure ya can! Just won't like the fallout!

He hasn’t started any wars. He did turn the military loose on Isis and they have been pretty well wiped out in Iraq.


45 is a pathological liar, a malignant narcissist, a fraud, a sexual predator, a racist, a con man, and is obsessed with destroying everything Obama did. He is incapable of performing the job, he doesn't possess the intellect or temperament to hold the position. He's taking credit for things he had no part of, like the uptick in the economy. He has gutted the EPA and rolled back environmental protections that benefited every American. He is an immature, emotionally-stunted, bully. He has made this nation a laughingstock.
Those who support him have been bamboozled, whether they know it and refuse to accept/admit it, or not. I've been watching that piece of shit for 40 damned years and it still astounds me how anyone could reasonably think he could run the country when he has demonstrated for decades that he's a crooked businessman. Words are insufficient to express my disgust with him and with those who still stubbornly support and defend him.

The infamous PT Barnum once said there's a sucker born every minute. And last year, they all voted for Trump.


I'm just pissed that I pulled all my stock.

this bubble is overdue to burst, you will be glad you did

@57rick Can you give me a couple days of warning before it happens, please. 🙂

@BlueWave if it were me i would move my IRA or 401/k money into money market funds right now,

@BlueWave. Lol... thanks for the humor... I liked that.


The economy was picking up under Obama. The stock market hit record highs under Obama. Just because Trump hasn't destroyed everything yet doesn't mean he should get credit for economic success. Give it a few years. See what happens. Also, if you are measuring success by "the average" let's make that average the "median" not the "mean" because that is what's relevant. I'm not saying Obama was the messiah, but Trump's impact on the economy has yet to be seen.

A friend said, of course the economy will pick up, but at the expense of our environment and all reasonable regulations that keep corporations honest. The result of the bubble will be another crash like the one W created in '08. Then we'll need to elect another adult to fix it again.

@BenPike Right. And you’d think we’d get that? But no - the very definition of insanity! Reagan/Bush F up the economy, call in Clinton... 8 years later, hand it to a repub, give the idiot 8 years - an we’re in economic freefall! in the Dems! drag us (with absolutely NO help from the Repubs) out of the worst recession since the Great Depression - then hand it back to the repubs..? If I hadn’t had children ..I may have given up ~

@Varn It is such an obvious cycle. But with each Repub admin, the richest 1% make off with the loot, and the 99% are left holding the bag.


Trump is a fucking moron and proof positive that there is no god.

I am not a Trump supporter ,but to use this language ,makes you one yourself

@juli15 Use of profanity is part of free speech and indicates nothing about intelligence. Not understanding how to use commas, however, does indicate something...

I agree - and I don't think my agreement makes me a fucking moron.

Shockwaverider .To criticize someone for a grammatical error indicates that in addition to being a moron you are also a jerk.

@HarrySlick @juli15 @Admin Neither of you understand punctuation, which granted, is part of grammar. I didn't criticize, I merely pushed back on being called a moron and said that a lack of understanding of commas was indicative of something... So, you inferred criticism.

Now you calling me a moron and a jerk must be against the rules. Respectful disagreement is fine. Flat out insults are not. You saying that to me, reflects on you, not me.

One of the few humorous statements I read after his (2nd place) victory also verified that ‘time-travel is obviously not possible’…

@shockwaverider ...and Shockwaverider ..I think you were just called ‘a god’ ..if in lower case 😉

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