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Anthropomorphism & God

How do your religious friends wrap their mind around a god that both:

😇 answers their prayers, which means he hovers nearby, certainly near our planet
🍺 same god created the universe he inhabits (is big enough to also be beyond billions of light years away) in which our species is by order of scale much less than microscopic in both size and total lifespan

DeanHumanist 3 Jan 7

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In the beginning man created 'God' in his own image. That makes 'God' anthropomorphic.

I can't argue with that. I would add "he lives in our minds, which is why faith (a whim to us) is an existential issue to "him"; we stop believing, he vanishes. Who wouldn't be vengeful and jealous in such a universe? LOL


what religious friends?



I must call that a strawman, sorry

why? what's "intentionally misrepresented" in what I asked?


I can tell you from personal experience as I was very heavily active in many churches that they don't bother to war their minds around it. Christians usually don't bother to think about theology and science. Philosophy vs. Theology. If they go to church they will hear that they are terrible people that deserve torture but but God loves them and will send them to heaven if they only believe in the unbelievable....a bit paraphrased....

Christians are taught not to question god. If one thinks about god too much there will be questions. If one asks too many questions they are wrong because they are having "faith issues". It's just easier to smile and nod without stirring the pot. Anyway there football games to watch.

Again my purpose here is not to bash them only to explain my personal experience and observations.

My experience was exactly the same. I used to look around and think "do they actually believe this stuff?".


Unfortunately,whenever I try to to talk logic and common sense to them ( I have only attempted this with a few people ) they will listen with their ears but not with their mind ,I think that is the best way to describe it


Yeah, I knew too many folks that prayed to find close in parking spots, and I wondered why god bothered with their parking issues when there were wars going on and children starving.


And, I know a true believer Baptist who thinks that both are true.


They don't think.

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