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What do you think of Wicca? I've know a number of them and find it an interesting religion.... And no, I don't follow it or think it's any more rational than others. Just interested in your take.

tioteo 8 Jan 7

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Its okay to be curious, but use your common sense and logic before you decide anything.good luck in your search.


Was into it for a while.

Divinity is found in nature, and personified (generally) by an archetypical Goddess and God. Pantheism is possible. Male and female themes are important. Elemental themes are important. "Magick" is personal power, which flows from the Divine. We have the power to manifest our desires. "Spells" are the rituals to focus our creative, manifesting power. Symbology is big. Herbology is big. Feminism is big. Environment alism is big.

It's very flexible. There are different "traditions" and systems and whatnot, but it's basically non-hierachical and can be as individualistic as you want it to be. Not into herbs? Fine. Not into spell-casting? Meh. Wanna go Celtic? Wanna go Greek? Name your poison.

You are in charge. Don't be evil. Must love nature.


For weak minded women. (oppsy daisy, was that a sexist thing to say ?)


I know quite a few, nice people, all female. Harmless enough, but I see it as something akin to cosplay, I think they are playing a game, I do not think they seriously believe.

Actually the coven that I knew was headed by a man. I noted that many of those in the coven didn't seem to really believe; it was more like playing a game, but a number of pagans who ascribe to other paths whom I know now also seem to be the same.


Beautiful. I've actually been indoctrinated into the Craft, even though I don't believe in deity. I am, for want of a better "label", a non-theistic pagan. Wicca itself is too man-made for me though. I prefer the old ways of honoring the land.

yep, honoring the land is our way of life, I am grateful for what I have, I try and replace what I take. Just nothing supernatural about it. The earth is sacred, the universe divine.


Even though I don't partake, I always enjoyed studying religion and mythology. Wicca included. Now, I have friends who are Wiccan who blow up Facebook with memes that are almost as annoying as traditional religious propaganda.

A few bad, annoying apples...


My step daughter is Wiccan, or was. It seems like a pretty harmless, interesting religion.


Just like any other religion delusions and fantasy.


I have always thought I'd be a kick ass witch. Oh wait... I am already a witch... depending whom you speak with, but I'm not a Wiccan. If it makes someone happy or a better person I'm all for it.


My handicapped daughter believes in it. I support her while other family members don't.


One of my dearest friends is Wiccan. Of the religions I'm aware of, it's one of the least offensive to me.

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