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What are your thoughts on the CDCs wanting to get everone prepared for nuclear war? I have supplied two links for you to get background information on this topic and the CDC live streaming of the public broadcast. [www]. Cdc. Gov/cdcgrandrounds/archives/2018/January2018. Htm

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sciteachmd 6 Jan 7

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It seems to me that re-educating public officials periodically on dealing with the medical consequence of nuclear blasts goes on about ever 5 or so years for the last few decades. Does not really alarm me seems as long as these weapons exist having public health people trained to deal with the issues is a good idea. If there ever was a nuclear war even a small one healthcare would be totally overwhelmed with the casualties it would be even worse if they were not prepared.


They are late! my bomb shelter out back is generously supplied with rations and guns lol


Scares the shit out of me. Its the end of the world as we know it.


While any preparations may be ineffective in the case of nuclear conflict, a store of food, water and clothing would be of great use during outbreaks of terrorism or natural disaster. Keep in mind, though, that a State of Fear is one of the conditions that Authoritarian Regimes impose on a populace......

jasen Level 7 Jan 8, 2018

Did we revert to the 1950's ? In the event of such a conflict the only safe place to be is in Australia the trade winds theory. Figure it the conflict is with Russia figure about 2 warheads per state if China figure 2 warheads per city if you do not get evaporated on impact figure a week with the worst symptoms in agony until you die. There is no preparing there is no known way to cure radiation sickness.


I was in grade school during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and we were taught to get under the desk for protection. As if!

I remember those drills very well. Lol!

I still tell the same story from time to time. The game has changed as more players join as the years go by. It seems like nuclear war is inevitable. I think it is more dangerous now than when I was a kid. So sad.


Oh, happy days.


I am from right around assholes were making kids hide under desks, although i don't recall doing that.. Its all crap.


Not sure that is something I want to prepare for or live through/ Might be a challenge for others

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