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LINK 35 Founding Father Quotes Conservative Christians Will Hate | Addicting Info | The Knowledge You Crave

One of the things i really hate is when religious people say that America is a Christian Nation.
I guess most of then ever actually read the constitution.

I found this post that has great quotes from founding fathers stating just how much they were adamant about seperating church and state.

TristanNuvo 8 July 20

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try this link.


I didn't find any of this info on the link provided

twill Level 7 Jan 7, 2019

I posted this back in july, the link might go to to another article now. I'll check it and see if I can get back the original one.

this one works I think, []


The Treaty of Tripoli is unknown most christians.

dokala Level 7 July 21, 2018

I have owned a copy of most of these statements for over 40 years.

over the years I'read some of the from various places, but I came upon this site, and they had a whole bunch of them that I've never heard before.

@TristanNuvo l noticed. It is amazing how long this stuff has been ignored or suppressed. It should be taught in school. Like that'll happen. ☺


I think the fact that most of the founding fathers were deists got scrubbed, potentially during the early, exceptionally paranoid periods of the Cold War, when Soviet and Chinese communism, as aggressively atheistic forms of the communist model, were viewed and publicly espoused as directly confrontational and threatening to the 'good and moral values of this Christian nation.'


Conservative christians I understand. Still not sure how conservative agnostic/atheists exist though.

Our stances on the existence or nonexistence of God are not an accurate measure of the social and political views we absorb from our immediate environment/create for ourselves. I'm a moderate, I think, because I'm not universally behind the gun control movement's philosophy, I agree with the death penalty and I understand the need for a well-funded military as a geographically large and politically powerful nation, but I'm also rabidly pro-access to abortions and responsible sexual education and practices, pro-social infrastructure programs, and anti-corporation.

I think our individual decisions to question the paradigm of 'religious truth' inspires us to make our own decisions based on our personal interpretations of the information provided for other things as well.

I'm the opposite. I can see agnostics being conservative/libertarian. But when a "Christian" claims to be conservative, it just strikes me that it goes against everything that tax-free book of theirs tells them to do.

@Ozman tax free? Jesus specifically told em to obey the law and “render unto ceasar that which is ceasar’s.” I get what youre saying though, the few good parts of Christ’s mythos do sound fairly much like a liberal hippie philosophy. But we all know christians are hypocrites so that makes sense. i guess I just don't expect the godless to be hypocritical enough to buy into the protectionism and white mans burden shit. but we shouldnt be surprised about shitty behavior from any side I guess; we’re all humans with confirmation bias n excuses for our own behavior whatever that might be.

@Wurlitzer the "tax-free" was in reference (as I am a reformed bookseller) to the fact that most municipalities do not charge sales tax on bible sales (and ONLY bible sales. I believe that even the Koran is taxed)

I do enjoy throwing out the "render unto Caesar" when they do get too anti-tax or anti-government,


It is from 2013, but still timely

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