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I deleted my Facebook several months ago. It actually turned out to be much easier to walk away than I thought. I couldn't take it anymore. I was arguing into the void. Facts were meaningless. There are paid trolls flooding the "tubes" with the sole intention of disrupting the discourse and filling people with futility. And it worked, at least on me. I gave up on it all, and I was slightly more sane as a result. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you all for being part of a group where we can civilly discuss nuance and theory because we are not all screaming at each other over the definition of the word 'fact'. What are your thoughts?

JeffMurray 7 Jan 7

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I joined facebook for 2 reasons; 1- I was setting up an etsy site to try and sell the wire weave jewelry I make and 2 - I wanted a place to vent my frustration with trump and the gop. I limited my freinds (I have 20 friends), most are exclusively against trump (i think one is a trumpette), I ban pro-trump/gop posts and follow salon, Michael Gowdey, Al Franken, DeVaga, etc. Not until trump is gone and the best of what Obama tried to do is restored will I get rid of my facebook page. What happened in Alabama gave me hope the American people are not all sheeple.


Facebook is nice for me to keep in touch with relatives, but I don't use it much. It is invasive and I don't care to live that kind of "out loud." I posted a comment on a pal's comment and some girl gang started attacking me. It is like junior high for adults. I have no need of drama. )


there are other words that need defined besides "fact" they will come up


I found it annoying that people would take e time to snap a picture, with their friggin' phone, of their effing a restaurant. "Wow! Look at this! It's fooooooooddd!!!!" Never went back.


I've been working on not telling people to go kill themselves when they say something utterly stupid or come back at you by belittling you just because you have a different opinion. It's hard but I just type my opinion or my retort and then back out before posting it so I don't actually argue with anyone. Too much unnecessary stress.


I spend very little time on FB-got sick of arguing with old friends that like trump and having trolls and scammers after me.

The irony would be that this website link showed Facebook.


I've quit following ALL friends who preach or politicize and joined numerous nonreligious, scientific, and humor groups. The resulting version of FB is much improved, for me for the time being.

Zster Level 8 Jan 8, 2018

I tried that. I unfollowed and deleted tons of people, but Facebook's algorithms still needed to fill my feed with something so posts of friends of friends showed up with aggravating shit in them that I couldn't let go without saying something. Let's not forget, clicks = money, and pissing people off is one thing Facebook knows gets clicks.

Maddening. I've just glutted my own FB w humor. It at least dilutes the piss-you-off clickbait, for now. I figure someone will catch on and re-balance it, though.

@Zster similar here. I try to post beautiful things, funny or unusual things.along with the rainbows and kittens.I enjoy it when people laugh or appreciate the photos I post. Mostly I do not try any discourse on FB and delete immediately if someone is hostile


I've been tempted more than once to do the same. I haven't as I have family and friends that I like to stay in touch with.

I've limited my participation in discussions and sometimes just block those who are not worth the trouble.


Facebook is just a tool you need to know how to use it and when to use it, the problem is that, too many people come to think of it as their life.

Then only "when" I found acceptable was never.

@JeffMurray , it is one of my best marketing tools and it lets my message my real friends when I need to.

@HeathenFarmer I'm not telling other people to delete their Facebook pages, but don't you have your real friends phone numbers?

@JeffMurray , I do call them but being able to leave them a text message when I don't text from a cell phone is preferable to playing telephone tag

@HeathenFarmer You have a smartphone that has FB messenger, but you don't text, or you messenger them from your computer because you don't have a cell at all?

@JeffMurray , no I don't need or want a smartphone. I have a cell phone but, it is turned off most of the time. I fail to understand why anyone needs to be in constant contact with everyone. Personally I am of the opinion that not doing what everyone else does allows me to live a much happier life and live in the real natural world, you should try it sometime you might be surprised what you discover about the world and yourself.

@HeathenFarmer Did you forget what this post was about??

@JeffMurray , No I was addressing your reply directly. Facebook is a tool and I use it as that on my terms at my computer when I need to. You asked me a question and I answer it, please try to keep up.

@HeathenFarmer Your original comment seemed to be saying that the reason I couldn't tolerate it was because I was using it incorrectly. The only thing I need to keep up on, apparently, is how poorly people use pronouns.


There are so many assholes these days. From all political persuasions. Right and left. Many folks are losing sight of reason and this manifests itself on facebook. I've come across quite a few ignorant people on there.


I use FB for certain groups only which I am interested in. I do not waste my time on the noise.

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