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IS losing it?


Apparently just after he was elected. There were dozens of mentally unstable people who were committed to institutions, claiming they had been sent back in time to kill him and save the world.


Unless Joe has a diagnosis report from a qualified doctor, and he most likely doesn't , it is highly likely the report is unfounded.

PEGUS Level 5 Jan 8, 2018

How can we speed this along; some sort of super dementia drug. Maybe the republican puppets are afraid they might have to kick the puppet master out and they won't have anyone to pull the strings!

BTW you once had a link to a NY Times report on the National Geographic selling out to the Murdoch brothers. I would like to find. Our San Juan Islands National Monument manager wants to see it. I just sent in a letter to NG telling them that, after 30 years, I am fed up. The latest story on "the Real Jesus" was too much. I have written them before about doing these no win stories but they have ignored me. Your link added the extra fuel that I needed to voice my outrage.

You should read my post on boycotts "Scousers never buy the Sun".



Sorry this is the correct link.


Fuck, it ain't early dementia. It is just dementia, the man is 70. Early dementia would be prior to 50. He may be in the early stages of dementia, but I doubt even that. I think it's pretty advanced.


He been out there for a while.


All these personal attacks upon TrumpOLINI ignores the great issues we must win in Congress and regulatory process. ...Rethuglicans are not going to dump TrumpOLINI for LimpBOSS Pence ON DECAF. ....COURTS are only limited to personal corruption IMPEACHMENT so only Alcee Hastings was removed from US CIRCUIT COURT of Appeals by the Senate 100 vote jury. ...Hastings promptly got elected to Congress. ...go figure the slow wheels of political justice

I think most if not everyone on this site KNOWs this but reminders are always good. We must go forth as it were and preach the goodpile (intended) to the ignorant. And as they did in Alabama go and get the unregistered registered and on election day help those get to the polls to vote. The sarcasm and tone of a fundamentalist preacher are lost in type but I hope by now you picked up Brother. lol

The greatest issue is our life support system. However, we cannot address this when we have to remove the biggest impediment which the situation in our congress. It is a process and we have to start somewhere and this is the place to start. What is the saying: "Freedom is not free?"


Doesn't surprise me. Not even a little bit.


I tried to pull it up but it said the page was not I wouldn't dought it though...yikes!

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