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How did you find this place?

My first post went pretty well, lots of feedback.

This seems like a great little community I've stumbled on.

How did you figure out about this place, and how excited were you?

About how many active members do you think there are?

Labratthecattron 4 Jan 8

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Saw a link of Facebook.


It popped up on Facebook, which made it easy. I had been watching a lot of atheist / agnostic / freethinker / etc. videos on YouTube, but not following many links.


Turn left at Greenland.

Oh, wait. That's how John Lennon responded what a reported asked him, "How did you find America?"

Like many others here, first crossed my radar via Facebook.


Facebook/ Welcome!


I saw an ad on a website I visit for science news. Don’t remember which one.

Now I see ads all over. 🙂


I saw it on Facebook.


Googled it. Lol


Fb and I hope it doesn't get too big or we'll be swallowed up by the blue meanies

If that happens, we'll just invent our own language to make it easy to spot normies.

Kinda like 4chan did. A non-user sticks out like a sore thumb on there.




Facebook ad.


I tripped over it whilst fumbling around in the dark.... 🙂


I read about it from The Clergy Project, a forum / support group for clergy and ex-clergy who no longer believe in the supernatural.


Wow! I love it here. 20 thousand members. ..awesome!
I was feeling down because I had no one to talk to. I stumbled across this site and ask to join. I've been so excited since I've joined. Oh yeah...
Welcome again.


We have been around for about 4 months and just pasted 20k members. We hope to grow faster in a few weeks once we move to a bigger server. Thanks for joining!

Admin Level 8 Jan 8, 2018

Well, I thank everyone involved in this sites creation. I can see it becoming a beautiful thing.

Thank you.

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