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After living in Sacramento for the past 3 years I am making plans to move back to Missouri. It feels like going from one social extreme to the other extreme. Living in the Bible Belt is like stepping back in time after enjoying the diversity of California. However I am looking forward to enjoying the beauty of the Ozarks and especially gardening, food preserving, star gazing, and nights at the fire pit.

By Bahall3
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Thank you for the antidote. I don’t mind the rain or the wind. I was born and raised in Phoenix AZ where there were two types of weather, hot and hotter.

Bahall Level 3 Jan 10, 2018

I live in a small town outside of Springfield. Never had any issues with the townfolks even when I had neon blue hair.

kiramea Level 7 Jan 8, 2018

Neon blue? - Isn't Springfield a college town?

It is, however I do not live in Springfield; I live in a small town near it. Also, you don't usually see 59yr old women with neon blue hair.


@Bahall You can take the girl out of the Ozarks but not the Ozarks out of the girl? Arent there equally attractive mountains in California? And how do you cope the hypocrisy encountered in bible country?

I've always said that Missouri (the Ozarks)is the only place I know of where you have to travel down in elevation to be in the mountains. I was still a believer the last time I lived there. So we will see...

@Bahall looks like you will need the support of this group. If 'heaven' is up then it sounds like your Ozarks may be 'hell'. ????


It depends on where you live. There are some islands of diversity and free thought. If you're actually moving to the Ozarks, good luck with that. It is insanely beautiful there. I always wonder how places that are so beautiful can be so damn ugly, and I believe it comes down to religion. Holier than thou, and who is holier than who. SMDH

Tecolote Level 7 Jan 8, 2018

yep - in the Ozarks and yes you've nailed it.


And you may even find a Unitarian Universalist fellowship that helps you find somewhat "like-minded" friends. I lived in North Carolina for many years and evangelicals often came to my door. They always wanted to sell their religion. UUism gave me an easy out. I already belonged to a "church". That way the evangelicals knew up front that I "was going to hell." Ha. I also spent much of my life in California but at that time I didn't feel the need to affiliate with any group. It was easy to find liberal friends there. : )

Nanart Level 4 Jan 8, 2018

UU is the only church I've attended where I found like minded atheists...nice change


I recently left Oregon, hometown of Portland, to SW Virginia’s (Appalachian) Blue Ridge Plateau. Geologically magnificent! Biodiversity, the same! Vistas and natural beauty, spectuar! US History, endless...

Lack of education… Religious delusions, Self righteousness, Overt racism … ‘Southern Pride’ ..inability to speak American English … painful..

Varn Level 8 Jan 8, 2018

Addendum.. smile001.gif Actually, thee reason I fled OR was it’s impending megathrust quake.. I considered the Ozarks, my mother’s from nearby, but not after researching the New Madrid EQ: []
...not sure of it’s projected timeline, and nowhere near what’s expected in the PNW, but it kept me moving ... through those beautiful rolling Ozark hills.. I know, LA’s EQ territory - but nothing like these two monsters ~

I'll deal with the Madrid later. thanks for the link. Appalachia is B E A U T I F U L. and a history nerds paradise.

@Varn it seems to be the world over. These religious hypocrites find a scenically beautiful place, think it heaven only for themselves and so start the exclusion of those with differing views. A little like snowflakes I guess.

@FrayedBear Yes, I’ve been wondering about that, it was called ‘the urban rural split’ back in Oregon… I grew up in Portland, then moved to my family homestead in a rural neighboring county. As Port became more progressive, the wrong-winger’s fled to those counties and set up their personal compounds. I made progressive connections, but politically, the religious took over.. Moderate R’s & D’s were pushed out by fanatics. It was obvious, they couldn’t get along with people, and needed acres between...


And the drastically reduced cost of living smile001.gif I hope you're able to find some like-minded people there.

absolutely the cost of living will be a nice change from CA. I'm pretty good an finding like minded people. But they will be far and few between I think.


I understand your situation. Hope you are able to sustain yourself attitudinally and emotionally back vin the Ozarks.



I am so sorry smile003.gif But then I am more than slightly biased against Missouri. For sure you will encounter much more of the backwoods religious types, but yes, simpler times. Good luck with that.

Thank you but why the bias?

Personal prejudice, some bad experiences in the area, long ago but painful enough that I'd never go back.


California is not going to well over there.


Give and take of the two areas. Where do you really want to be?

Ireland -

@Bahall When god was giving out the lands of the earth the Irish appeared before him and asked "What have you got?" God said "you can have Saudi Arabia " and the Irish asked "What has Saudi Arabia got?" God said "oil". The irish asked "Can you eat oil?" And god said "No" which is how the Irish ended up with Ireland, a Norman invasion followed by English rule, Catholicism, ignorance, a divided country and pig smuggling between the two countries. I'm also told that there are two states of weather in Ireland - raining with wind and raining without wind.smile001.gif
Seriously though I met some of the warmest friendliest people I have ever met when in Northern Ireland many years ago.

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