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LINK Foster Failure: Proposed Amendment Puts Faith-Based Discrimination before Child Welfare -

Faith-based organizations that operate child welfare agencies openly discriminate against LGBTQ couples and others, outright declining to hold conversations with people they perceive as violating their beliefs. This often includes same-sex and interfaith couples, single parents, as well as married couples in which one partner has been divorced. Many of these agencies specifically stipulate that couples should be a legally married husband and wife practicing Christianity, or require letters of reference from clergy.

zblaze 7 July 23

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Just another reason why churches and religious organizations should be paying taxes IMHO.


Children needing foster care are already suffering. Things like this just make it worse 😟


This makes me angry on so many levels! But, it is also another indicator of how the ‘religious right,’ is determined to create a Christian Nation here!! I have no problem with Christians avoiding things that I might do that violates their core principles and I don’t need a SECULAR NATION, in order to do that! So why are Christians so preoccupied with punishing my kind...for doing things they wouldn’t? They are getting secular laws passed, in their defense! CHRISTIANS hate...freedom to be who/what you are and what you want to be in this world or this society! The Christians cannot see people as diverse as the two people are alike, not even the Christians! What’s next...’burn’um at the stake? The RELIGIOUS RIGHT...will never get my adherence...period!


Religion stacks the deck in everything. It's easier to hypnotized and sheep us around.

It's the UNjustice system.


Better they go to a Chester Molester and a Mommy Molly Look-Away family.

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