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Gamers– where you at?

Gaming was my first love, and I'm wondering who else enjoys basking in the glory of crushing your AI or human counterparts?

Poll question: what is your favorite genre?

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BlackSG24 4 July 23

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Redoing Morrowind right now. And though I voted for RPG, I’ve got Gears of War 4 in queue. Looking more forward to TESvi, than Fallout 76. Pretty upset that they are taking it online as a hybrid. I say leave pvp to certain games and single player to other games—one kind at a time.

Yeah, I think I'll skip Fallout 76. I didn't enjoy 3&4 all that much, and having to deal with scrubs online is just a pain.


On the second through of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Guessing it's pretty good, right? Don't have a PS4, otherwise I'd give it a shot.

@BlackSG24 I have a close friend worth a PS4, so I got lucky. It's a great game, even with maxing out my level, I still have to strategize. But for my home gaming, I'm starting elder scrolls marrowind on the 360 soon.

One of my favorite games. Just a beautiful and well thought out game.

@Kenny82 totally. I'm ready for part 2. I enjoyed how focused she was and the lack of romance. But, it would be nice to see how she handles forming lasting friendships and relationships.
If also like better climbing mechanics.

@Jess2zz yea, for sure. I thought the story was pretty unique too, even for being a post apocalypse-esque kind of story.

@Kenny82 I think the plausibility of it is what made it compelling The writting was beyond solid. I'm trying to decide if I liked it more than Witcher 3.

Love zero dawn. I stopped at the end because I didnt want it to be over. Lol. Great story

@MrChange it's great. I haven't finished the dlc yet, but working on it.


I didn't see an option for turn-based strategy. Those are my favorites.

What games do you play in this genre? I’ve only played FF Tactics, Tactics Ogre, X-COM 1&2. I love these games. I’ve probably put more time into FF Tactics than any other game.

@Kenny82 Those are all good ones too. I am currently enjoying the Shadowrun Returns series and Hard West. Two of my all-time favorites are Gladius and Valkyria Chronicles.


My favorite game series is Kingdom Hearts. I'm so happy KH3 is finally coming out!! Now I just have to find something to do until January.

I honestly have no emotional connection to the series, nor have I played a single game, but even I was excited when it was revealed. It's gonna be GOOD.

@BlackSG24 I started with KH1, but KH2 is my favorite. I've been waiting for KH3 for 13 It does look really good!


Right now I'm cracking out on The Last Of Us but some of my favorites are: American McGee's Alice and Alice: Madness Returns as well as Persona 5, Heavy Rain, both South Park games, Catherine, Naughty Bear, Gravity Rush, Diablo 3, Darkest Dungeon, all the Rayman's, all the Sly Cooper's, Contrast, Unravel, etc.

Where do you find the time? Lol.

@Omen6Actual oh man, I love the necromancer class, that's my highest level character on D3 =)



Aurora31778 on PS 🙂

I used to play Delta Force (surprisingly not many knows this) and COD when I was young... Like ages ago... Sooooo long ago!

Recently someone got me back in the game 😛 I just ordered my keymander because playing COD with the console sucks bloody nuts. Can't wait to receive it tomorrow!

Pfft. It's not so bad. Then again, I've always been a console peasent.

Though, right now, I'm a console nothing since my freaking console was stolen.


I was previously stuck in the Civ6 "just one more turn, then I'm saving and logging off" phase for a modest four hours.

Been on The Forest, and recently hopped back onto Stranded Deep after reading their last few months of patch notes. Before that was Elite Dangerous; embrace the grind! embrace it! (cue evil laugh, and thunder)

I still play Elite Dangerous. I ho through spurts. Damn good game


Ive been playing WOW for almost a decade. I've made many friends there, and we all play together. We use Ventrilo to talk, and we all have a great sense of humor, we'll laugh when we get wiped. But mostly it's fun to play with a few other people.

@Omen6Actual I'm on legeon now, soon to be on battle for azeroth. I mostly play a shadow priest.


I'm playing Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster right now

FF is my favorite series


I love anything that lets me find treasure, figure out puzzles and kill things.

So, most things? Lol.

@BlackSG24 games like Skyrim, uncharted, assassins creed, last of us, and my first gaming love.. Tomb Raider. ( it was the first game I ever played. )

, @Omen6Actual I’ve never played it but I’ve heard good things.

@Genevie TOMB RAIDER! YES! LARA IS MY WIFEY! I'm very hyped for Shadow of the Tomb Raider.


Halo 3: ODST. I’m currently playing the campaign on the Master Chief Collection.

Halo is my all-time favorite series. ODST is actually my favorite game in the series.


Persona 5!


Right now my favorite game to play is PUBG.


Look me up : "McWalsoft" is my user name for all systems. I'll add anyone and am down to play any games.


I was always a nintendo kid growin up. Never had a PS or Xbox so I fell way behind on the controller skills needed for modern shooters, missed out on Halo n CoD. Played the RPG Runescape on PC for a long time. Never could get the hang of a double axis though. Controlling feet n eyes in a hectic situation with enough attention to spare to use appropriate weapons and aim is a trip.

I finally got the hang of it a couple years ago, being eased in on a mobile 6v6 fps, War Robots. I thought it was AI or I would have never started playing. But I suddenly had a lot of extra time on my hands and got obsessed with learning the game mechanics, developing strategies based on marine fireteam tactics, made friends across the country and learned how to manage discord servers. My first friend in the game and I joined a clan, did a bunch of recruiting n taught everyone my strategies and we went from a 999+ ranked clan on iOS to top 100, and broke top 10 for a while.

It was so freaky satisfying to have all these friends gettin baked and cooperating like a well oiled machine, lookin to me for the plan and mowing down some of the best players in the world for a while there. The game kept extending the possible levels until it became pay to win, a lot of us went on to Guns of Boom, Rules of survival or PUBG n other games. The clans still going but all the rich players split off to be elitist about it. Ill never have that kinda extra time on my hands again, but that year n a half of my life was some of the most fun ill ever have as an adult. To go from being humiliated on youtube livestreams to hearing the pro streamer go “oh shit” when he sees your clan coming: priceless.


Match 3:

helps me keep the front 5% of my brain busy, while the back forty works on my survival RPG.


Just finished Detroit: Become Human. Waiting for Red Dead 2.

I was pretty hyped for Detroit: Become Human, but it plays more like an interactive movie than it does a game. Same issue I had with Heavy Rain.

@BlackSG24 Yes, and Beyond:Two Souls was like that too. All made by the same company. I haven't played Heavy Rain but I will. They are a bit slow, you bet. I need to play a shooter after all that heavy decision-making - when in doubt, take 'em out!

@brentan Aim for the head lol


Galaga. ?

I'll have to look it up. Sounds vaguely familiar.


MOBA. More specifically, Dota 2

Marz Level 7 July 23, 2018

Man I used to love games. These days though I get motion sickness whenever I play. After about 15 minutes I just want to vomit. This just started about 3 years ago. Idk.


Probably should have set for multiple selections. I enjoy some racing/flying, RPG, adventure, and simulation. Also missing MMO selection. I play whatever interests me, not one particular genre. I am a PC gamer for years, last console was Sega Genesis. Join the Game Room Group, there are a few people who post in there about gaming.

You're right. I should have. I'll make sure to check it out.




RPG/MMORPG all the way. Total nerd that way but it has been a few years. I cancelled my WOW sub 2 years ago but stopped playing about 3 years ago.
I have played most of them to some degree.

Shooters are my next fave. Solid stress relief running around killing stuff stoned or after a few cocktails


Big Civ Fan back to Civ the original, play some rpg, a couple MMO, MoO 1 & 2, 3 horrible. I go back to chess at age 4 in the 60's, tabletop is more desirable but harder to get these days


No vote, I was a gamer as late as 20 years ago? So I am staying with my son and looking for a place and his girlfriend tells me, by the way they both gamers, he was/is into semi-pro leagues. Anyways she tells me he plays this Farmer game and I go into his backyard, the patio, the garden, even the game of thrones tree destroyed everything unkept!!!! And he playing a farmer game? Are you kidding me?

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