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Do you think there is good to reinvent yourself sometimes or to keep doing the old way?

I reinvent myself whenever there is need to reach what I dream. Do you think there is good to reinvent yourself sometimes or to keep doing the old way?

Sensiwoman7 6 July 23

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I reinvented myself in my 40s, losing 100 pounds, leaving an empty 25 year marriage, moving halfway across the country, and finally, going back to school at 47 to get an MA. It was not truly a "reinvention," though, because I finally became the woman who had been hiding inside me for a very long time; she came out because the prospect of staying where she/I were was scarier than the prospect of leaving the safe rut.

However, change must be realistic. I had a student who tried to reinvent herself at about 59. She planned on getting an AA, transferring to a local uni that has high standards, get a BA and then, make millions by being an accountant. She did not have the intelligence and I doubt that she ever got the AA.

@irascible We all wear masks and have personas; my masks are now just facets of who I am!


Reinventing one's self is evolving into something better and better. I think that is a good thing. I don't think many would say "I am reinventing myself into a drug dealing pimp. "


I think people need to do whatever works best for them.
One-size does not fit all.
That said, the key phrase is "whatever works". If what you're doing isn't working, that's when it's time to reassess and reinvent.


Well one of the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome. So I think if you're not happy with the way things are in your life it would make perfect since to try and reinvent yourself.

You're right!


Sudden "re-inventions" aren't necessarily good but a slow development is great! When you stop changing, life gets boring! 😉

Pete66 Level 6 July 23, 2018

It depends if you needed re-inventing. For me, yes.


Sometimes it's the only way

That's true..


If it ain't broke, don't fix it. An occasional tweaking doesn't hurt.


Absolutely reinvent. Nothing to loose you only live once.


I absolutely believe in reinventing yourself from time to time. I look at it as a sort of "spring cleaning." It does the body and soul to learn something new and evolve or broaden your horizons. You can keep doing the same thing over and over again but you might catch yourself wondering why you're running in place. So go out there and experience life,CHASE THE SUN!

yes, like spring cleaning. My mother had reinvented herself. No one knew at all what a nasty, self-centered, violent, child hating mother she was once she moved to where no one knew her. She wrote touching, lovely stories in the paper about her reinvented past. They got awards for being fascinating and such lovely literature.. coming from a woman in her 90s supposably recalling her life. It must be like spring cleaning to reinvent the lipstick on a pig..but it's still a pig. Moral to the story: You'll always still be you. . in a new career or state or just a new hair color or rubicon instead of your usual boring car. You'll still be the person your family has always known you to be.

@Plant1010J before, did she write when she was that nasty, self-centered, violent, child hating mother you knew?


One good idea a day, one thing you make sure you learn every day. You can reinvent yourself on an ongoing basis incrementally. It can work for a lot of people.

zeuser Level 9 July 23, 2018

Times should you.


IMO We are all works in progress. Change is an important part of that progress.


If you can not evolve yourself, you can not evolve the future. If the future can not evolve, the atrocities of the present will forever flourish.

Malara Level 5 July 23, 2018

Go ahead and re-invent yourself. It will bring new adventure, new people, new risks, and new joy. LIVE LIFE!


I think we are constantly reinventing our self, building on what we are to what we become.

cava Level 7 July 23, 2018

Yes, I'm thinking of a number of ways to reinvent myself. The old, same old is boring.

That's very good!

@Sensiwoman7 Shaving my head is one things I'm thinking about to reinvent myself.


Happens every day. Live and learn. Some days we learn and evolve more than others but I am never the same person today I was yesterday. In essence I have been the same since 17 or 18 but I believe we are constantly evolving or re-inventing ourselves.


Reinvent, and if I could think of a way I would

lerlo Level 8 July 24, 2018

I dream for a living, for being on the unique side of things prevents over stressing over competition.

Always something on the back burner.


Life always insists I change the way I do things and I enjoy every moment of it.


When I hear the word reinvent I think of a complete and total overhaul of yourself. For example a lazy person turning into a very ambitious person. I say in order to reach new heights you need to grow and at each stage in your life strive for a goal. If you have a goal you have a reason to grow.

Jjones Level 4 July 23, 2018

If you don't reinvent yourself... how you going to grow? I am not in Kinder anymore.


How does one go about reinventing oneself. I didn't invent myself to begin with.


I tend to be more of a slow evolution kinda person myself. I don't know that I can see myself reinventing. I definitely can't point to any moment in the past that I can say was a fundamental shift for me in that regard.

Slow, over time, is big. You are a wise man.

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