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The media is a powerful tool, and now social media has the same potential, filtered through over resourced propaganda is the biggest problem in both.

By Emile5
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one that won't go away so stop watching and enjoy your life

Semiotics has been part of my studies.
And thanks, i have a strong bullshit filter.


The same religious and political posts get posted time and time again.


and on tv too

TV came first as far as media goes.
Early Rand Corp publications from the 50s about political insemination into media are a good read for early days manipulation.

To clarify propaganda was around way before but radio and TV were the first mass manipulation vehicles.

yes for sure


Which is why critical thinking and a healthy dose of skepticism is more important now than ever.

KKGator Level 9 Jan 9, 2018

And False News abounds!

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