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What is your first memory?

My first memory is of November 22, 1963 when JFK got shot. I was only 4, so I didn't know who he was, but I remember the shock and sadness on my dad's face that day. That was the first and only time I ever saw him that way.

By AwarenessNow7
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I remember when I was 6 leaning up against the back of the couch looking out the window, waiting for my grandfather to walk across the field from work. I wanted to see if he had a little brown paper bag in his hand, when I seen that I got so excited because I knew it was Boston baked beans. When he came through the door and handed me that little bag we would sit in front of the TV and watch cartoons. A few months later he got sick and died not long after that, I will always remember him.

Sheannutt Level 9 July 24, 2018

waiting for John Glenn to blast off

btroje Level 9 July 24, 2018

It was warm weather, I was 3 according to my Grandma, and I'd just been abused by my stepfather, Bill. He hit me in the stomach with his fist. I don't remember being hit.

I remember sitting in a rocker in Grandma's house. Bill said I had eaten a huge catfish and got sick. I remember crying and my step father telling that lie. That was about 1947, around 70 years ago.

EdEarl Level 8 July 25, 2018

My parents went to look at a $1 house when I was little. My sister was in a pumpkin seat (so, probably 4-6 months old) and there was broken glass and leaves everywhere. My parents realized it wasn't safe, but they still wanted to explore the house. They cleared a spot in the middle of the living room and told me to stand still and watch my sister, they'd be right back. It felt like forever, but was probably less than 10 minutes, before they came back and packed us in the car. I sat in the backseat, and my sister's pumpkin seat went in the floor in the back seat. I was 17-19 months old.

Minta79 Level 7 July 25, 2018

Good question. I just stumbled upon this post so I haven't given it much introspection. as of right now I remember my older brother breaking me out of my crib by unscrewing the bars.. he's only 1 year 5 months older than me and I am still amazed on how he thought it out..


I have moments and flashes from before the age of 2; one of them was watching the tow-truck reverse into the drive of my grandparents' house to take away my grandad's old Hillman Hunter when he sold it. Another was seeing the milkman slip A-O-T on ice on the steps of the same house. I'm not sure which came first though.

But I'm sure I also have a one-second snatch of memory from being a babe-in-arms and being laid on the backseat of the Hillman. It may be a false memory, but I have always been aware of it since as young as I can remember.

DaveMania Level 6 July 25, 2018

I remember my grandfather's funeral when I was about two years old. I remember where I sat, and who with, and what I wore. I also remember the house we were renting at the time, the colors of my room, and playing on the swing set outside.

I remember Challenger, too, but I was four for that.

purcascade Level 5 July 24, 2018

Sitting on my grandfather's shoulder as he sat in his chair reading me one of my "golden books". I was probably about 2-3 since he died when I was 4 and I have lots more memories of him! He was one of the biggest influences in my life despite having only known him for a little over 4 years!!

jfreemann Level 6 July 24, 2018

I remember sitting on the porch watching lizards on the fence next to me. I was about 3, I guess.


Almost 3 years old. From my crib, I mix mud to make mud castles mix in with a few worms. Afterwards I spend most of my waking hours of my life making sandcastles and snowplaygrounds


I can remember being sat on the lawn in our neighbour's garden, that my mother was helping look after, my mother had unfortunately sat me on an ants' nest and I can remember being stung. I was wearing a nappy (daiper) and couldn't get away or communicate what was wrong apart from screaming so must have been well below the age of 2! I also remember being sat in a high chair and being fed tomato soup with bits of bread broken into it by my Grandmother, probably a similar age!

Pete66 Level 6 July 25, 2018

That if I play with it... it will grow.

Play with what?

@DZhukovin My Penis but you can't play with it.


What's a penis?

@DZhukovin You know that thing your buddy the priest used to hide on you? The secret holy ghost? That one.

@GipsyOfNewSpain OOH I remember now!


Oh, wait, I actually remember Jimmy Carter interrupting my Saturday-morning cartoons, so I was no older than three years old at that time (as that's how old I was when he left office). I was probably only two, though, because that would have most likely been for the Iran hostage rescue attempt that went sideways. Anyway, at the time I was upset with him for interfering with my cartoons — and I'm clearly not over it yet.

resserts Level 8 July 24, 2018

My first memory is possibly of my Winnie the Pooh snow suit as I was getting ready to play outside. (Actually, I might recall a bizarre dream I had before that, but my chronology isn't clear.)

resserts Level 8 July 24, 2018

I was about 3, my uncle was visiting with his family. He was in the Navy and had the white hat. He put it on my head and tossed me up in the air.


I'm not sure which is my first memory because I believe they both happened at 4 years old.
1) Went to Atlanta to have one of my surgeries (had both tonsils and adenoids removed, but separate surgeries), my mom and I stayed at one of her college friend's house. First time I ever had freshly cut pear slices.
2) It was my first day of 4K (kindergarten), in the building there were all these kids and adults I didn't know along with a clown in the hallway greeting everyone, and my mom left me with them. One of the scariest moments in my life.

joeymf86 Level 7 July 24, 2018

I posted my first memory of the outside world. One of my first memories is laingin a crib drinking a bottle or in the living room doing the same while watching dust motes in a sunbeam

btroje Level 9 July 24, 2018

It was spring, still cool enough for a jacket & I was playing with a beagle puppy who was biting like puppies do. I was too young to make it stop & it was big enough to make getting away difficult (I might have been 3).


Sitting under a house on stilts with a bottle of coke watching sailors play baseball in a gully. My Dad was in the navy and we were stationed in Guam. I was just under 2

Smartwoman Level 5 July 24, 2018

My 1st birthday.

Etre Level 7 July 25, 2018

I don't know if it is my first memory, but I remember my mother crying when JFK was assassinated. We had a little black-and-white TV on and everybody was talking about the news. My Dad was there too but I don't remember him crying. He was just sad. I was about two and a half years old.


Idk how old it was but I remember being at my grandparents house and I had a bottle...the kind with the plastic bag...and I remember walking up the driveway and throwing my bottle in the road to see if it would get ran over.

Now that I have a child of my own this makes me question just how well my grandparents were watching me back in the day. Lol

BK29651 Level 4 July 25, 2018

Age 3, running away from a bully trying to beat me up.

geist171 Level 6 July 24, 2018

I remember wearing a diaper and being in (not my) playpen at some lady's home while my Mom had coffee with her. I am not sure exactly how young I was, definitely less than 2. Mom says I stopped wearing diapers by 18 months.


I distinctly remember thinking, I've got to get out here soon. It's the middle of the night and a snow storm is raging. I here the muffled voice of my father saying,"Now dear, hold on until morning and the snow lets up. It's probably just indigestion and the baby isn't due for another two weeks.'

Dwight Level 7 Aug 4, 2018
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