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Which Religion Annoys You the Most? And why?

Answers on a postcard. So many to choose from, we only really hear of the main few, but there are loads, is there a particularly horrible one in your view?

Zoidburg 5 Jan 9

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I've always found it interesting how in Catholicism, they can do "sinful" things all week and do a hail Mary and have your slate wiped clean. No matter how deplorable you were all week...but every week! All the time. Generation after generation. Jesus! #punintended ????


The Muslims who invade my continent ...

Alexa Level 5 Jan 12, 2018

I am from Italy and fortunately the number of Muslims here is not even nearly as as in Germany. I went to Germany once and I thought I arrived in Pakistan when I exit the airport hahaha

Well if someone wants to visit the Middle East but is afraid of the current political situation there they could go to Germany ?
Here in Italy they are like 1%-2% of population. In Germany 15%, in France even more.

Because they only go to countries that have a good economy. That's why Germany,France,UK have so many of them. It is easy to find a job and the payment is way better than in Poland or Bulgaria...they are not stupid at all. I hate them ?

@Omen6Actual They disgust me so much. Are there many Muslims in America?

I don't understand how they get a visa to live in Western countries. Do they come without one? ?? disgusting animals.

@Omen6Actual I thought they exist only here hahaha

I am very scared of the future to be honest. I am 21 and in 10 years Europe will be equal to the middle east.

London is terrible!! My cousin studied English there and she said she was the only woman without a veil on the streets. Also Canada is going in that direction as far as I know.


The evangelical christians bug me... the idea that the jews are illegally in israel to pave the way for the return of geezus and then will be massacred for them LOL They are some pretty sick people


All (no discrimination) The reason? Are all a lie.

Whilst true, being a Buddhism isn't nearly as evil as Islam, for instance...

@Zoidburg The way I see it Buddhism is not a religion but a philosophy...the same with Hinduism.

@DUCHESSA I see! I don't know a great deal about any religion and I don't care to waste my time learning! lol. Thanks for the insight!


Other ones with representatives that bagdger me on Sunday mornings.


Unlike any other religion, Judaism has been at war against Mankind since it first emerged on the historical scene because, unlike any other religion, Judaism defines itself as only in opposition to ‘the other’, whether other people and/or other systems of belief. It can not exist in a vacuum without a nemesis ‘to utterly destroy’.
Unlike any other religion, Judaism does NOT require belief in God and does not believe in Life after Death. It only requires obedience to ‘the law’ as laid out within the pages of both the Torah, and its exegesis, the Talmud, as well as allegiance to the Tribe.
Although there is no immortality after death for the individual Jew however, the manner by which this is reconciled is by making the Jewish people itself immortal through tradition, the law, and allegiance to other Jews.

For the individual Jew, this life is all there is. There is no Judgement Day, no retribution for one’s evil deeds, ect. This is perhaps the Jews’ greatest strength, because they are free from the same moral constraints and guilt found within Christianity and Islam which allows them to empty an automatic rifle into the body of a Palestinian child and still sleep like a baby. as it is a racist ideology masquerading as as a religion.

  • Sabba Nasrallah
Awake Level 3 Jan 9, 2018

I am more of ignoring you kind of a guy and not ruffling any of my beautiful feathers for displays of the grace of god.


Yes definitely I have known a couple of Born again Christians, they think they are better than everyone. And in the States those Westbrook Baptist people, are just the worst of the worst of any kind of human. Disgusting.

Sacha Level 7 Jan 9, 2018

???? precisely


Voodoo all those, zombies they keep creating my brains.


The Mormons go door to door. Argh...

When they come to my door and say that are representatives of Jesus Christ, I tell them to go back to Jesus and tell him to come see me himself if he has something to say to me. I do not accept information second hand from messengers.



Mormons. It was my drug of choice when I was in churches. I don't have anything against the people most of the time but the stuff they believe....


Born again Christians act like they are better than everybody else. Like Westbrook Baptist Church. Interfere in the lives of those at funerals, weddings, and personal time of others.

Hadn't thought of that! You make a very good point!! Or ones that used to be horrible but now the sun shines out of their arse because they've FOUND JESUS! PRAISE THE LORD!


All of em', when one can support a supernatural claim, it'll be less annoying than the others...

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