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I think that agnosticism in the true sense I.e. when not a tactic for lazy or evasive thinking, is a noble state of mind. Would you give it that status? I know that you are not used to dealing with nobility in the US but you do respect the right thing when you see it.

Mcflewster 7 Jan 9

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It is more a since of thought than a imperialism.


It might just be me but the statement/question seems filled with subtle passive aggressiveness.

Translation: you're full of crap? Now put the adult pants on and say what you really mean? Political correctness makes my eyes go all woggly.

I am just trying to get members of this forum to give themselves more credit . They deserve it . Where does the agressiveness (from me) come in?

Well I will start by saying I'm not a mind reader. The part on agnosticism being noble when not "a tactic for lazy or evasive thinking" to me seemed to be an indirect way of saying it often is just that. That one could be a stretch, but it was followed up by, "I know you are not use to dealing with nobility in the US". Come on, you have to admit that is a slam followed by somewhat of a compliment. Again, it could just be me. However, if I take the passive part out it would read something to the effect of, "Agnostics are often lazy and evasive thinkers, and Americans are not noble." That's just my take on it.


I agree completely.


Agnosticism is not a status but a way of thinking.

Agreed. It just needs a lift in its appreciation.


I think the difference between atheism and agnosticism is mostly semantics. I obviously respect the agnostic position, but I'm as much agnostic about god as I am about bigfoot. God is as infalsifiable as bigfoot, has as much evidence (or less depending on who you talk to), and keeps evading us every time a discovery pops up that might lend credence to the idea. In that way I could say I'm agnostic about bigfoot, while not believing in him. Atheism is only a claim of not believing. Someone claiming to believe there is no god is different from the atheistic view I take and also has no evidence for that claim because god is as I said, currently infalsifiable.


I'll do you one better: how about being a "skip-the-question-ist"? Not, "I don't know what the answer is", but "I don't think an answer is findable so I'm not going to waste time on this".

This is not to say you never think about it or discuss it, just that you don't think about it in terms of there being an "answer".

I have always been comfortable with not knowing. As a matter of fact, I prefer it. I don't like to force conceptual frameworks on things.

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