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QUESTION The Wall - Why it's a dumb idea

Robert Reich is almost always right on point, IMO. What do you think of his explanation?

BeeHappy 9 Jan 9

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Ruuuusssssshhhhhah Dingy Crazy LIMPboss cult radio liar makes fun of Professor Reich stretching out for 3 seconds the sound of a great man's name. ...he calls Senator Harry Reid dingy and Senator Sanders crazy Bernie accordingly I dose Limbaugh with his own adolescent fascist faux "humor" Ruuuusssssshhhhhah Dingy Crazy LIMPboss radio cult liar

LimpBOSS COMPARES TrumpOLINI to Ronaldus Magnus both Presidents incompetent and demented ReaGUN bankrupted our nation from 1 trillion to 5 trillion in debt got our Marines killed by the hundreds in a Beirut hotel by a suicide bomber. ...TrumpOLINI is taunting North Korea into launching their only nuke missile like an India fakir taunting a cobra with a flute. ...the wall is a monument to ignorance like the crumbling wall in China north of Beijing. ...TrumpOLINI couldn't possibly win an election against anyone but a worse criminal and fraud Billary


Damn wall..


I am simply against trump and everything he wants to do. 110% against. You don't need to explain me I am sold from hello. With the faith of a religious zealot defending the pope.


There is one thing that Reich didn't address and I haven't heard addressed very much in the media: the effect of such a wall on wildlife.


The "Wall" has always been an incredibly stupid idea. It's a logistical nightmare, for one thing.
It's fiscally untenable. And there is no way in hell that Mexico will EVER pay for it.
Not to mention, it's not going stop anything. Did I mention it's a stupid idea?


I was unable to follow the link, as it's a FB post and I've disconnected from that venue (for now), but if it's similar to his tumblr post of "Six Reasons Why Trump's Wall is Even Dumber Than Most of Trump's Other Ideas"...I agree. It makes no sense to spend upwards of $10 billion dollars, and increase our deficit, on a wall that will not stop the flow of migration from south of the border. Also, I was unaware of the statistics showing a decline in population rates in Mexico, but if I reflect on my past visits to family and friends there, I definitely see a pattern of family size shrinking.

Nena Level 6 Jan 9, 2018

Maybe it's to keep us all in when things really start getting bad here. In all seriousness, the whole stupid damn wall concept is just a con man throwing red meat to his racist base. There is no logic or reason behind it, only raw visceral emotional responses. Hell, his base isn't even willing to acknowledge his pivot away from his promise that Mexico would pay for it. Of course they were never going to pay for it. Of course the wall serves no rational purpose. "Ok illegal entry into our country is declining, so let's spend billions to build a wall and cut the benefits of struggling Americans". Trump, and the GOP spineless sheep following him, really suck.


Just use drones to patrol the border. Pretty sure Trump wants this wall because he knows it won't be going anywhere and it will be forever known as Trump's Wall...

Something else for him to put his fucking name on.


That wall most of the people that it would stop the honest people from doing business and the ones traveling without documents. The criminals already have the tunnels mapped out and are working on the cloaking devices on the drones.


I would have thought (obviously I was surprised) that any layman can understand the problems with the wall concept. Assuming there was an immigration problem, why would a big wall stop desperate people from going where the money is. It's the same as people who build "hurricane proof" houses and are surprised when a hurricane wipes it out anyway. Make it easier for both immigrants and America to profit off of the additions to the melting pot rather than waste money on a 30ft wall that will only create a market for 31ft ladders.


Always respected Robert Reich-he makes it so simple even trump could understand it. LOL.


Look who's idea it is.

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