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Do you want jobs in the United States asks Bill Nye?

sassygirl3869 9 Jan 10

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I love, love, love Bill Nye.


We are the fall of Rome. The slaves outside our walls to feed and give us comforts through the gates?


How about fixing our infrastructure with US sourced materials? That would create a lot of jobs.

Might likely happen if 57% of budget wasn't spent on the military!


Nye not Oprah 2020


Free energy..
That would be so cool.


Not at the expense of coasting more people jobs and their homes.


You ain't making me work again dude.


It's sad that the country that put a man on the moon is lagging behind the rest of the world today.


I strongly believe we have reached the point where it has gone beyond "jobs". Job creation has been an issue since the automation of textile mills in 18th century England. As the population continues to increase so does the need to provide for people. Thomas Malthus' treatise on population was not just about food.

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