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If God was a real being, how would you see him as being?

I’m not talking about the God of the Bible or Quran, but more so how you would imagine God if he was an actual real being. I’d like to think if he was real, he’d actually be a down to earth kind of guy, not as described as human beings described him. As a matter of fact, if anything, that would be a complete insult to any god if one really existed and he was far from described in any holy textbook.

EmeraldJewel 7 Jan 10

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Think I had seen him before once on an original Star Trek episode and Elvira mistress of the dark The movie was called The Blob.


Barney Fife.

why do you say that?

@dc65 I never liked Barney. If god were real, I wouldn't like him either.
I just see a skinny, self-important, incompetent, wannabe dictator, every time.

@KKGator that is kind of like Donald Trump LOL

@dc65 Precisely!


The Sun...Because I can see it, and it literally gives us all life.

Good one! Very on point.


God would either look like Morgan Freeman or Alanis Morisette 😛

Morgan Freeman played God in Bruce Almighty, so he already had his chance. 😉

Lol that’s funny cause as a small child, I use to imagine maybe him/her would be like Alanis Morisette.


George Burns


Kind of like a spoiled rich preteen with a huge sadistic streak and psychopathic tenancies.


he must be a complete prick being all-powerful and making a planet where everything has to kill or eat dead things to live and making all those diseases. I think the devil is more down to earth and there's only one. fuck god but luckily there isn't one

Lucifer would make one badass of a God! After all, if I’m not mistaken, he only killed like 10 people.

indeed and you know where you stand with him


He'd be a guy? And only one? We've had several making a mess of the world lately...or at least their my eyes, the same really.

My favorite "god theory" is pantheism. You can't see god because you're a part of god...everything.

Only theories and creative sources but of no daily concern to me.


I can't imagine a God that has a gender...I mean, what would God be doing with a penis? Having sex with angels? Peeing? Do you think it would be huge? I mean, surely it would be the biggest and best looking penis ever right? Is he snipped?
Big Harry balls? White pubes?
Hard to talk about this? Because it's really fun to get into a conversation about God's genitalia with a believer... it short circuits their brains and boy how it can make a person squirm... but, it's a legit ponder... I mean, if someone believes God is a man...well then God has a dick.
I bet his boners are monumental...

The God I have in mind would be more towards the "Force" as in Starwars or whatever... but who knows.. the closest thing I found to a logical spiritual psychology would be The Tao.
I spent years hunting down and collecting translations and reading them side by side...
There is no "God" in the original Tao Te Ching... but the "Way"... well now.. that hit home as my version of "God"... it's a God that you can be yourself and feel a part of.

Lol ikr! He wouldn’t be able to have sex.

@EmeraldJewel I mean, maybe? Lmao.. I mean, it's God right? "HE" can do whatever he wants right? 😉 ... it just seems a difficult to identify God with Sex.. or for "Him" to have the need for it, or a penis... and without a penis...well...... that's no man right?
God's weinerrrr... 😉
Think long and hard haha


Q in Star Trek constantly torturing Picard

If non-existence existed what would he be as a real being. ? Gibberish from Alice In Wonderland Mad Hatter


A failure.


A purple dragon.


A real obnoxious pain in the ass still trying to convince me to worship his son. Using angels as servants.

Lmfao the son/himself, who pretty much inpregnant his own mother with himself to save all humanity from himself.


We can’t even ‘see’ dark matter.. If there were some entity calling the shots, considering this mighty big galaxy being full of such shots ..perhaps having to span 12 dimensions ...while traveling faster than is supposedly possible… No doubt beyond imagination, our ability to perceive, or reality ~

Varn Level 8 Jan 10, 2018

If God was real my question would be,, who made God and who made the creator of God out to infinity

dc65 Level 7 Jan 10, 2018

I once asked a Pentecostal friend that and she could not answer. All she could say was,” I don’t even think like that.”

@EmeraldJewel so sad she thought like that

@dc65 yep because that’s how people become brainwashed.


Incredibly self centered.


A almighty arsehole


IT would look like what IT wanted to look like and how IT wanted you to see or perceive IT.


I think "he" (my God's a he, but he sound a lot like Cher) would be more like a

In fact, I was recently asked by an old friend who knew me as a devoted Christian, what happened? “You had such a wonderful relationship with God. He was your father and we could all see how much you loved him and how he loved you.”

And I told him: In my mind I created the perfect father based on deficits in my own life. A being of passion, gentle, creative, hilarious, wise, devoted, loyal, and he loved me more than Ioved myself. I could trust him with my deepest darkest secrets, and he would help me become the lovable person I always desired to be. He joked with me, he called me Toots, and he comforted me when I was down. And he looked a lot like Zeus...

As a writer, I create characters all the time, and they’re powerful to me. They “exist!” I laugh with them, I cry with them. This has always been how I saw God... as that character "created" by me, but as I write, those characters take on their own lives... and it is with God.


The movie Dogma.


If god were real I think he would either be Powerless or indifferent.


I think he'd be a stranger on a bus.


Exactly like me.


Don't wish to be pedantic, but a God isn't a being, I don't think, otherwise it wouldn't be a God. So, whatever form it would take to appear before beings like us would be an assumed appearance for that purpose. So it wouldn't BE anything permanent that we might speculate on. It seems to me.


It's pure speculation, but I imagine such a being would be beyond male or female. The Word of God would be written in the universal language of nature.

I sometimes imagine God as lonely. Encompassing the entirety of existence, and having no one to share it with, God decides to divide like some sort of huge amoeba and keep all the separate bodies in ignorance of their true unity in order to create the illusion of company.

Other times I imagine God as being bored. Once again the amoeba ploy comes into play, but in addition to ignorance, drama is introduced. This neatly solves the problem of evil, for all suffering is ultimately self-inflicted for the purpose of entertainment.

Sounds like God needs a hug

From the notebooks of Lazarus Long?

@TommyMeador I had to Google that one (I need to read more Robert A. Heinlein). Stranger in a Strange Land and one or two short stories is all the experience I have with that author, although I did read the short story "'—All You Zombies—'", which revolved around a time traveling character. But, no, not from the notebooks of Lazarus Long, at least not consciously.


Definitely that thing would not look like a human.

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