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I found a telling moment in for the first time being able to confidently tell a Bible thumper interested in saving my soul that I didn't believe, nor was I interested. Felt great!

JoeS Level 2 Feb 9, 2018

You become an adult and start living in reality and start to treat your life like it is sacred because that’s what it is, not wasting this life in high hopes that you get to a better one after this one.




I've read this article before-I went back through all the Religion posts but couldn't find it. Is there an easier way to research past articles?


This is what I picture it looks like to be freed from religious beliefs... lol
From Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers


"Religion works exactly like a drug—like cocaine, or methamphetamine"

And like these drugs, there are symptoms of withdrawal which is one of the main reasons why the deconversion process is so difficult. Like the article said, "the physiology is really the same" and "this is a powerful, unconscious motivation to keep believing."

Once de-convertees get past that, many have other hurdles -- like losing their social network, marriage, family, and jobs. This is why it's so important to have support system communities, i.e.,, to offer people a place to go, which curtails or disallows religious proselytizing.

Thanks for sharing the article, Carrie.


The brain will be force to grow, racism and slavery will be set free. Wishful anyways.


I found true freedom and liberation when I discarded the insanity of southern baptist beliefs. The absurd guilt and whole sin thing is a burden on the psyche of everyone involved. I came to understand it is really a form of mind control from the church and involved mostly with power and money.


You become a freethinker and free from being a prisoner of your own mind.


Good article. It is also the reason why I hate Christianity. Christianity just simply disconnects people from God, because with their loudest voice of proclaiming God. In essence, they own God. Beside leading the sheeps astray, they cause others to be away/disconnected forever and block others with even half a heart to never connect with God. There is something truly wrong with Christianity. I would even call it EVIL... LOL


that link didn't work for me..


Removal of conscripted guilt

Freedom of self determination

Loneliness of thoughts when around others with nonsensical beliefs


Thinking is no longer defined by parameters of the selfish control of collision.


The harm religion does to your brain hopefully reverses. Two studies @VictoriaNotes shared:

  1. []
  2. []

Thank you for reposting these and for the shoutout. 🙂


Doors and windows start opening up that you didn't knew were there in the first place. Monkey off my back. Lift off my shoulders.

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