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The Internet, and subsequent social media platforms that evolved because of it, create a huge free-for-all for many people to control opinions, sway minds, trivialise everything, and claim expertise with no credentials. It will only appear as a quick blip on our evolutionary timescale as a species, but a significant one in the whole scheme of things.

Hominid 7 Jan 11

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It's just a big competition for our attention.


The impact remains to be seen.

I think we're seeing some of it now, with people relating by text as opposed to real facetime. Social skills are suffering because of it.

@Hominid You are right. Let's hope that it is a temporary phenomenon abd that people wise up.


It was a beginning. You have to start somewhere. Think of the first televisions-little choice, clunky, limited 3 channels, and had to use rabbit ears. Its evolution of social media platforms will continue into something we can't even imagine.



Honestly, historians are going to look back on today and say "man, there sure was a lot of free porn and pictures of cats..." Nobody will care about what Russia did or didn't do in 10 years. People already forgot that Fukushima Daiichi happened during their lifetime.


Just like any social gathering place there are posers then there is experience and intelligence just have to be able to interpret the signals in a better way.


I agree, it’s as if by giving a megaphone to people who felt they were ignored, unheard or voiceless are now just shouting into a chasm of anarchy. Or it becomes an echo chamber. Respectful discourse, where’d you go?


It's a social experiment of distraction and inactivity. We all tickety-tap on a keyboard, tablet, or phone. Expectation of satisfaction without actual action. It's only partially satisfying recognizing it.


The whole point is internet is open to all. If as you say, someone controls opinion or sway minds or are with no credentials yet asserting expertise, some one should counter them. No one stopped them from doing it. This what freedom of expression is. The problem is when a large majority play neutral. Being neutral can never be a choice. You need to take your stand.

@Bam85 your life your opinions. But my take is being neutral is not a stand, it's just supporting the majority. One think that he/she did not vote but actually voted for the majority. The selfishness of whether it affects me or not should not be the criteria one should see. In fact what's right should be the criteria.


It might be a quick blip but I doubt it. The technology behind it will change quickly but the direction has been set.

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