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If you could change anything about this world to better it, what would it be?

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Make Bernie Sanders president and Elizabeth Warren vice president!

Bernie would be the first to tell you that he would not usher in a new era of wonderfulness, only a new era of struggle.

As for Elizabeth, she's dead to me, and has been since she refused to endorse and work for Bernie in '16 when he really could have used it, or in the alternative, just pony up and run against him. She talks a good game in ways, but is everything Bernie is not in terms of a calculating political animal. Also, she may not be a Wall Street banker, but she IS a Wall Street lawyer.

@Commonsense I like tulsi gabbard,

@Buddha Yeah she looks promising. Interesting fact, she's a Hindu who was sworn in with a copy of the Bhagvad Gita. Just the fact that this would make some people's head explode makes her appealing to me. On the other hand as a woman and a Hindu she might encounter the same kind of BS that Obama did as a black. Maybe she'd confront it more directly though.

(I don't know WTF happened to Barak but he just tried to float above it all and ended up constantly railroaded ... and now under the excuse that ex presidents should stay out of politics, he's acting like a damned playboy living the dolce vita when he could provide some real and much-needed moral leadership).


Remove raceism. That would handle most hate and solve the worst problems of religion... it would change attitudes on 100 subtle things that people claim not to be racist but are.


Turn the dials for empathy, moral courage and love up a couple of notches.


Incarcerate Donald Trump.

Do you think Mike Pence would be an improvement?

@JenBeberstein no, they all have to go..

Yes. Not a significant improvement, but an improvement none the less.


I think the most fundamental thing I could do for the human race if I had a magic button I could press to fix just one thing, it would be to make people skeptics and critical thinkers by default, without any particular need to cultivate it in themselves or to work against what we currently default to, which is rampant confirmation bias.

On a selfish level I would like to intuitively have an excellent grasp of WTF other people are thinking, particularly the women in my life, without having to do a forensic investigation to tease it out of them.


Increase spending and focus on education. There's not one problem that I can't trace back to ignorance. Liars in power are one thing, but dumb fucks backing and believing them really piss me off.



End Islam.


Eliminate religion


Make everyone aware that we're all in this together on this planet.


Put more priority onto mental health care


No religion... A completely secular world


There are so many things but I think that I would start by trying to find a way to help everybody understand that we all do the best that we can with our genetic makeup and the environment that we are born into and over which we had absolutely no control.

^^^ This.


Rid it of humans.


Get everyone to think for themselves and ask questions.


Remove the criminal violence-performing psychopaths that control the Military Industrial Complex and use it it to run the Western World.


There was a similar question a while back but my answer is still the same.
A better educational system.

@pinklotus18 I have a few in my family that are teachers as well.
I have the utmost respect teachers.


Eradicate that fucking greed, greed has made our society disgusting. We care more about money than people...

SuziQ Level 4 July 30, 2018

And always have.

just imagine the apocalypse, everyone living in lil anarchist commune townships, we all bartered and shared and just lived the good life, occasion fighting off assholes but that would be the fun part,yeah?


I think most of the problems start with religion.

Relgion is at fault for many of our problems. I believe that religion and the problems it causes, is an expression of our nature as humans.


Get rid of Republicans.


If I had that kind of power I would eliminate "GREED". 🙂

Betty Level 8 July 30, 2018


It works in my dreams too. 😉


My response to this is based on Humans as a central theme. Humans and how we deal with each other. In that context, I would eliminate religion and nationalism from the human condition. This would result in less conflict, less manipulation, more cooperation.


Dramatically reduce the population of humans

Thanos style?

@Minta79 I was thinking something tidier


I would love to get rid of racism. It's still an issue.
Thanks to Trump he's out to single out anyone that's brown.


I would simply remove the ability for people to feel hatred toward each other (and any other living things). The world would still be just as complicated and problematic - but how nice if all the responses would stop just short of hating someone - or something. ????

They've already done that in Canada. lol


Remove disease. That's tough because the reality is that we all must die but if we could just age slower, reproduce less, and stop pollution we might be able to save human kind but not at this rate. I just wonder how many generations are left before greed takes us all.


Subject religious and political organizations to taxation of all titled property and confiscatory taxes on all revenue not spent on the exact solicited purposes.

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