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Innie or outtie

What's your belly button doin?
im dreadfully bored

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SuziQ 4 July 30

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Dog made me from clay so I don't have one.


There was no "Neither" option, for those of us grown in tanks. Quit shaming us with your belly-button-normative hate speech! Tank people are people, too!


I'm unable to vote in this one. Having been brought fully-formed and bedecked in full battle armour into the world from the head of Zeus, rather than born as mortals are, I do not have a belly button.

Jnei Level 8 July 30, 2018

are you called Eve?

@Lukian Close. Pallas Athene.

@Jnei dang I always mix those two... (lol)



You truly are bored, aren't you?

Mine can't be fairly tested unless I go on a big diet. Ask me again, 100 lbs from now.


You need at least one other category...for those of us who have had twins. It's just sad.

Carin Level 8 July 30, 2018

Comes closest to outie so I checked that.

@JustKip (; Maybe at one point! It was awful! I used to have the cutest little innie! A few months into the twin pregnancy it popped inside out & looked like the tied off end of a balloon, but missing the knot & all. My belly was so huge that I couldn't stand to drive because the steering wheel rubbed right against that sensitive nub. Then it stretched entirely flat & the only way to know where it used to be was a somewhat darker area of skin...yikes!! The best I can describe it now is a very shallow outie with a little hood. Really weird looking. Nothing to pierce even if I wanted to!

@JustKip Yes--& I wonder if it's more so for women? We get a pair of entirely new ORGANS growing on our chests for puberty. Yet my ex to be doesn't even remember going through puberty!

Hormones in later pregnancy cause ligaments & things to loosen in readiness for birth, but they can affect tissues all over out bodies. The bones in my feet spread out too & I gained half a shoe size. What unexpected changes happen to guys as life progresses?

@JustKip Oh yeah--at least we ladies don't have to worry about going bald. You definitely got me there. That must be upsetting!

@Carin Actually , women do start losing the hair frpm our heads , but generically speaking , it's at a more advanced age .

@Cast1es Gee thanks. Something else to look forward to...

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