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I got dressed up for THIS?

My date was awful. I spent an hour arguing with an ignorant, opinionated man who insisted that being "politically correct" is unfair to white men.

"Blacks call each other 'nigger,'" he said.

He says white men are being discriminated against. What's more, he hates and resents the government. Says our government should not pay for birth control. Hates the legal system.

Blames the legal system because his daughters will not talk to him since the divorce five years ago.

I explained protected groups under the Civil Right Act of 1964, and why they are protected.

He insists America is more polluted than ever, that black crime is terrible. Said Muslims celebrated 911. Sounds like he's been listening to Trump.

After an hour of this, I felt nauseated.

"I'm leaving," I said. "From my profile, you knew I am a Democrat. I don't want to argue with you."

LiterateHiker 9 July 30

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I would have a few phone conversations before meeting. After a while, the real person emerges...


Wow, that really sucks. It must be 'Bring Out Your A**holes' month. I met a Republican that kept that small bit of info hidden until I asked. He said he voted for Trump and I told him our political discussions would become knock down, drag out fights. He replied 'I'm game if you are'. The hell???


was it rush limbough?


Sounds like he loves Faux News.


Mandatory question before you date someone: did you vote for Trump?

godef Level 7 July 30, 2018

Good idea. I'll do that. Thank you.


Everyone has the same good question: "Why did you stay so long?"

My profile clearly states near the top:

"If you are a Trump supporter, hit the back button NOW."

A lot of men just look at the pictures, and don't read my profile.

I always insist on a phone conversation before meeting. Like most guys, he did good phone.

When we met for dinner, the first hour went well. We ordered dinner, chatted and ate.

After dinner he had a beer. Then he spilled his bile.

I spent 30-40 minutes refuting his arguments, explaining anti-discrimination laws. A waste of time.

With online dating, nothing is real until you meet.

With online dating, nothing is real until you meat.

Freudian slip, my dear?

I noticed the typo and changed it to "meet."

@LiterateHiker shall I delete my comment? I'd be happy to...

Don't worry about it. Calling my typo a Freudian slip is hilarious! Especially with a Trump supporter.

@LiterateHiker you're a good sport.


Ugh, that’s a shit date. What site?

Livia Level 6 July 31, 2018

Fitness Singles dating website.


He sounds like a complete moron....


I must bite my tongue with tRumpsters, and walk or run away. Otherwise, I'd be unkind.

EdEarl Level 8 July 30, 2018

I'm impressed that you lasted 2 hrs. I'm not sure I could have lasted that long. So sorry...😟


At first, he was fine. As he grew more comfortable taking with me, he spewed his frustration.

With a master degree, I know employment law. I explained anti-discrimination laws. A waste of breath.

@LiterateHiker That's bizarre. Did he not know your view on these things before the date?


My profile clearly state near the top:

"If you are a Trump supporter, hit the back button NOW."

Many men just look at the photos, and don't read my profile.

I always insist on a phone conversation before meeting. Like most men, he did good phone.


If it was reversed and I had a lady date like that, the second piece of crap out of her mouth and I'm gone. Even if I have to leave her at the table. The second because I probably did not believe my ears the first time. Too bad I'm not closer.


Yikes...sounds awful!


I had a date with an anti-abortion (pro forced-birth) LAWYER and it took me two hours but I finally made him have to take responsibility for the fact that as long as you allow exceptions for anything but potential death of the mother, you feel having a baby is punishment for the crime of a woman having sex.


Sounds like an incel (involuntarily celibate). Still, a moron!

Good point. Very funny!


So sorry to hear it. How did you make it through a full hour. Why not you know, like three or four minutes?

As to his ignorance on how African-Americans address each other: They essentially never use an N-bomb that ends in -er. That's the slur. The word they use ends in -a, which is the form the word has taken as it has been co-opted. A white person should never use either one.

As a former college professor, I tried to enlighten him. Explained the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the reasons for anti-discrimination laws, etc. A waste of time.

@LiterateHiker I love your take on "50 way to lose your lover". Brilliant!


Thank you so much! I had fun writing that. Did you notice I used the same rhythm as Paul Simon's song?

@LiterateHiker I did! 🙂

@LiterateHiker It's good that you can see the sense of humor in this situation. I applaud you.


Well that escalated very least it was only one hour could have dragged that you saw his true colours almost instantly.


You said... "spent an hour", my thoughts and prayers with him. He don't know how close he was from being his last date... Wishing you better dates and better times!

Hilarious! Empty words, indeed.

@LiterateHiker You got me there, as empty as his head.


Love your sense of humor.

@LiterateHiker There's more from that came from!


Is this the guy you talked about the other say in a post/comment? Whatta jerk.


No this is another Trump supporter. I live in rural Eastern Washington that is Republican dominated.

Here's my joke about single, middle-aged Wenatchee men:

"If I wanted a fat, good ol' boy, ignorant, tobacco-chewing, Republican, judgmental Christian, fisherman and hunter who loves his Harley, snowmobile and chainsaw and decorates with antlers, I'd be all SET."

@LiterateHiker bummer. I am very ambivalent about living in So Cal for many reasons; but the one thing I'm very comfortable with is the political climate, in general.

@LiterateHiker this made me laugh out loud! Makes living in DC seem not so bad!


Do you get the feeling he played a Trojan horse as the setup. ?


Sounds terrible. Sorry you had to be in the company of someone like that.


Holy crap....sounds like my worst nightmare. I hope you didn’t meet on this site?

We met through Fitness Single, a dating website.


Jesus, I would not have lasted an hour; you have the patience of a saint minus the hypocrisy. I would have made a scene early n stormed out if I was a woman running into that kind of bullshit. Im sorry.

@ Wurlitzer

Thank you! "The patience of a saint" is hilarious! When my daughter was a teenager, "This is temporary," was my motto.

@LiterateHiker I was going to say the patience of Job, minus the posterior boils but there’s no good reason to tempt fate ?


I live in Jacksonville Fl.. imagine being surrounded by that person. It’s like a minefield. Someone seems nice and intelligent and BAM... all of a sudden they bust out the “n” word and all there is to do is sigh and call it a night.. So sorry you had this experience.


Wow, sorry to hear you had such a terrible date.


That's crappy you had to waste your time and the effort of getting ready etc.

At least you got home safely. Almost seems the type of person that would try to get hands on because they feel entitled.


It would have been nice to have told him that you have multiple personalities. Interestingly, one of those personalities is a mass murderer who hacks her male companions to death with an dull axe.


Trumptards everywhere in GA. Much like trying to argue with a drunk, they cling to their ignorance for dear life. They cannot accept reality and are just a lost cause.

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