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Do you think about retirement much?

At 30 I did not really think much about it. At 40 I was already looking at my retirement plan growing and thinking I would be alright. But then I was married and being alone was not in the picture. Now I am 50 and newly divorced. I know I am a few years away but I am starting to worry a bit.
What are you planning to do when you retire?
I want to travel the world.

Erick67 6 July 31

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I was doing well retired. Then two and half years in my wife found a better deal than social security. She followed the money and I had to go back to work. My retirement was short and angry.


Yes....planning for it in 14 more years at 65! Then...lots and lots more travel! My bucket list is still long....


I will never be able to retire, so at least I don't have to worry about it.

Carin Level 8 Aug 1, 2018

I think it's about 23 years away. 😀


I would encourage all of your who are thinking of retirement to shift that perspective a bit and call it chapter two. What would you like to do next? What song would you like to sing? What book would you like to write? What painting would you like to create? Then do it as soon as possible. Create more. Consume less. That is a life well lived.

Beautifully typed!

@Holysocks Thank you!

You are very welcome. Thank you for being a poet amongst our crowd.

@Holysocks Well you just made my week!

You wrote it. Take credit where it is due!


I think about it daily! I turn 55 this coming May and hope to give notice then. I've hit my targets investment-wise and get full benefits then. I will likely give my art a shot for travel and luxury money. I just really want out of the corporate rat race.

Zster Level 8 July 31, 2018

I think about it almost daily (in the sense of retiring from my current career/job in state service). With that said, I don't think I'll ever completely retire and will always want to do something productive. My hope is that my retirement income streams will sustain me financially and that I'll be able to do a fun job in semi-retirement.

In my former (married) life, my partner and I were tracking on a possible retirement as early as 2023, based on investment portfolios (401K, IRA), SS, and my state retirement (which wouldn't be huge, but the medical would be). That is all blown out of the water now and it looks like I'll need to hang for at least another 10 years (from now), making me 67 at retirement, which sucks. At 57, I'm still physically active and fairly fit and really need to carry that forward. I do NOT want to retire and be unable to enjoy a decent quality of life.


I never really wanted to retire.


I'm planning to hold up 2 to 3 post offices..its easier than worrying about the future.

Hahahaha! Gimme all your stamps! I'm on my way to Tahiti and the plane fare was more than I expected!


Last one..done...I'm on my way to Tahiti too! Yay! ?


Not since i retired.

Coldo Level 8 July 31, 2018

I'm just planning on dying.

Yeah me too.


I'll never be able to retire. Luckily, I get paid to tinker, so it's not really work in the first place.


I went from for profit to non profit at my retirement. Still doing the same thing but less so.


I am and I still do.


Think about it? Lived, loved... everyday I see someone going to work. Retired at 62, tried twice to work... I was out by the 2nd week. I am Retired for second time since did it before from the military. I will stay retired for those that died while working. Yeah I think about retirement. I went to an employment office yesterday with my Son's GF and it was like visiting church... I got immunity.... Recommended to all like it was recommended to me by my buddies.

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