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I thought the compatibility scores were supposed to be based on our own interests ?

I just realized , instead of showing those in the age group we asked for , the percentages are based on someone else's chart of what is normal or average . Please note , one of the groups here is for older women dating younger men . That does not mean I am looking for a man ten years my senior , nor does it mean I am too old for a man 15 years my junior . Can this somehow be fixed , so the percentages are actually based on what we're looking for ?

Cast1es 8 July 31

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My understanding is it is based on the number of matches in your profile questions. The percentage doesn’t weigh which answers, and the less questions you answer, the higher your percentage of matches is liable to be. A very unsophisticated and inexact number for sure if I am right.


Mmmmmmm, what’s the name of the group for older women possibly interested in younger men? Asking for a friend ?


I do not find this to be true. I entered 50-90 as a. Age range, and that is what it shows me.


Good observation...

Jacar Level 8 Aug 1, 2018

I got a match of 99%, with the one person on this site I know personally. I don't know how that was determined. Certainly not from the criteria on our profiles. It's very suspicious.

If you call up someone's bio and click on the little heart , they will show you which are matches and which are not .

"Suspicious"?????? Want to explain? Motive, for example? It's an algorithm, not a gnome with evil intentions in a cave, ya know........


The matchmaker knows best! It takes our best interests at heart even though we may not realize it...


My first week here, I clicked on several profiles. The first 4 men I chose were men looking for men. I'm not sure how to interpret that; after all, what are the odds? I was surprised that the algorithm would include them in my "browse." That was before I knew that this site is much more than a dating site.

I didn't even think to check that . Good catch ! Have you gone to admin about it ?

@Cast1es No I haven't. They all sounded like wonderful people, so I just chalked it up to experience.

Use the search engine, and answer As If you were the probably put "men in the first box, that's why you got 4 men looking for men

@AnneWimsey I checked, and I did it correctly. The vast majority of the results were 'men looking for women.'


I wondered why I was always getting high compatibility scores with guys in their 30's and 40's. Geez, my daughter is in her 30's! I also seem to have a fair amount of people viewing my profile that describe themselves as looking for men or women. Neither of those describe my preferences. Although profile viewing doesn't indicate only dating interest of course. Anyway, I guess I don't give it too much attention. I guess I'm not looking that hard..,

This may be a trick of grammar . Perhaps I misunderstand what you have in mind . You're not looking for someone who is interested in finding a man or a woman ? I think I need to check your bio/profile . I'm confused .

@Cast1es Nope. I haven't written a bio yet (I know, shame on me). It does say straight on my profile though. No harm, no foul. I'll talk to and be friends with anyone (assuming they're nice and not too stupid). For the horizontal bop though, oddly enough, I only want a man. 😉


Interesting. I think I see it as you do.


I had to go back and check, but I thought I remembered not setting an age range on mine and I didn't.
I didn't want anyone to be excluded from communicating. Some of the younger people I have seen here who are struggling with rejection don't need to feel it here.
And I simply mean that in a community sense.


I never noticed this. You should probably post it in the Senate group - []

Thank you . Great idea ! Have done !

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