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LINK YouTube Punishes Atheist for Exposing Christian Who Wants Gay People Executed – Friendly Atheist

Hmmmm, this guy got report for hate speech when the guy he was INTERVIEWING engaged in some really extreme hateful speech. So YouTube pulled HIM? (He got reported but I'm unsure whether the reporter was upset by his atheism or his subject's espousal that gay people be executed.)[]

BookDeath 8 July 31

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More likely just bc he was an atheist, & thats terrifying to the repoter.


While I don't agree with what Alex Jones says on InfoWars, this kind of stuff is no surprise anymore. Gov isn't suppose to directly limit your free speech rights (although they do from time to time), so they threaten private corporations with legislation if they don't suppress it for them. That way they get what they want, but can claim ignorance, innocence, and outrage.


As the update says on the article, Skylar has been restored now. Great, but we still have a problem. The least little claim of "that made me feel uncomfortable" or anything close to it has powers that be jumping through hoops to please people. I don't think they should do it. No, not at all. People need to understand that many things in this life will make you feel uncomfortable. That's how we learn things and that's how we progress.


Other than playing music, I just can't take much YouTube.
People are fucking whackjobs.

@PalacinkyPDX Truth


I can only take about 2 minutes of this guy and I want to go out and find him and beat him with a baseball bat. For kreissake, WTF is wrong with these brainwashed numbskulls? Where is the compassion, the empathy?


I guess this has nothing to do with right and wrong. YouTube probably only cares about who might sue them.

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