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I'm new to this site and it seems to me that coming out as an Atheist in the USA is quite a big thing , I am English and nobody seems to care. My Mum who is a devout Christian one day said to me "Have you lost your faith son" I replied "I never really had any faith in the first place" she simply said that's alright son your still a good lad, and that was that. You've got to love her 86 she is.

Wolfbat 6 Jan 11

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Welcome in.

I was born Cof E and was christened, but my parents always said I should make up my own mind and as a result have never believed in a god.

Like you say, it's not a big deal here in the UK.


Welcome. Your Mum sounds like a very wise lady. 🙂

Betty Level 7 Jan 12, 2018

she is right and everyone else is wrong my friend


It's nice she is an open person , not narrow and judgmental...


It is not the same everywhere in the US. The coastal cities are a lot more tolerant than the middle states.


The US is very religious.


Welcome and enjoy!


The UK has always been more progressive than the States. There is a strong undercurrent that one can be any religion here. Really, Any Religion You Want. BUT FOR GOD'S SAKE, YOU CAN'T BE AN ATHEIST! (They're heathens)

I wonder how much diverse ethnicity creates this difference. In the US, the most segregated group are Caucasians, by choice. SMDH


Obviously she loves you as much or more than her god.


I like your mom!! In some parts of the US being an atheist is a big deal (and usually bad). But for others it's a big yawn.


The US is the most religious of the western world. The south, even more so.

Number one in hypocrisy, that is. Everything thing they vote for is completely opposite of the teachings of Jesus.

@Benmonk you mean Jesus didn't teach people to judge others based on actions that have no affect on the general well being of the commonwealth?!?

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