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The use of marijuana

So I just read something offensive, to me, on a question I posted regarding cig smoking. I could elaborate more, but I opted to defend a persons Right to smoke. I will cut and paste what it was I said in response to the gent who felt the urge to critisize, and out of the clear blue, too boot! Please read the first comment I post because that will explain My Stance on the matter. Anyone else Agree with me? The body of my retort will also explain a slight bit about my health background as well so it is Crystal Clear where I am coming from. Would love any feedback, friends, even if you are against its use. But, bear in mind, I honestly Will debate it with ya if you come at me the wrong way. 😉 For all my kindness and gentle nature, I am also fiesty and full of moxy when it comes to something I Believe in.

Sadoi 7 Jan 12

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it's your temple

indeed. 😉


I have never smoked cigarettes biut have smoked marijuana since my late 20s .There was a time I was smoking it to much and this lasted for about 15 years until I put a handle on it . I still smoke occasionally and enjoy it .I notice if I smoke marijuana it will heighten any emotion ,so if I think of something negative smoking will sometimes not be beneficial for me .I think it should be legal for many reasons

Loved your answer and agree with you 110%... except im still in the midst of that 15 year stretch you spoke of. HAHAHAH!


Many years ago I went to the doctor because of a bronchial infection. The doctor told me I need to stop smoking. I told the doctor that I had a 5 yr old daughter who gives me the same advice but she dosen't charge me a $100



Hey as long as you don't smoke with a bun in the oven then it's not my concern.

soo no smoking and baking... got it! so no muffins... no pies... no brownies...? hee hee hee 😉

@Sadoi Smart ass...Cute smart ass but still a smart ass.

@josh23452 if only I knew how to do the smiley with the halo! haha

@Sadoi Well I guess I will have to just imagine it 🙂


My only cigarette experience I ever had was that as a child my grandmother let me light up her cigarettes.... Chesterfield was her brand, no filter. It was at an age my buddies started to steal cigarettes from their parents and picking up cigarettes butts from the ground. And guess what? I never smoked. My use of MJ was strick recreational while in my teens, college and disco days. My service in the military took care of removing the pleasure from my mind. Grateful that my family being provided for was more important than my "high". After military... did not found any use for it and I have no illness that will need a painkiller. What you do with your body is your doing. Recreational or Medicinal. Your choice.

Btw I love your fro photo from your 70s disco days!

@Sadoi My afro... the biggest in High School and in College. 2nd to none. And always well dressed for the ladies.

@GipsyOfNewSpain I FREAKIN LOOOVE YOUR AFRO!!!! For REAL! If i could put <3 up for that, i WOULD! instead, the best way i can prove my admiration is to use the dreaded ALL CAPS! haha

@Sadoi Like always I thank you for your attention to detail. You have the Eye.


The downfall of cannabis is that it burns 100 times hotter than ciregets. In males smoking it too much can result in breast. There is theories it reduces the size of the thalamus part of your brain. It stays in your muscles for up to 30 days and can be released with exercises at a time you do not wish to be intubated. The up sides is that it help chronic pain and relieve glaucoma as we all know it helps artist be more creative. It seems to give me a headache I may have indulged a time or 2 in my youth. I hope it is legalized. I have a ton of new age pharmaceutical not worth much now bought it at like .10 cents a share That could change fast.

I keep my fingers crossed too, sir!


What you put in your body is your business.

skado Level 8 Jan 12, 2018

Perfect answer. Short and simple. 😉


Eradicated my debilitating fibromyalgia pain and my serious social anxiety. Improved my functionality significantly, often to the point of being able to work versus not. A federal judge approved my closed-period disability claim even though I copped to MMJ use for an invisible condition that is notoriously hard to prove. Elevatedmy quality of life to the point of wanting to continue living. I don't use anymore but I'm glad I did. I'm glad I know what it can do. There's no denying the medicinal benefit. The benefit I received was remarkable, life-changing.

Hear hear!! I still use it. I cannot foresee my stopping any time in the near future. When I do, eating becomes nearly impossible. And i refuse to go back on a Diet of pills due to the loss of the gall bladder too. I have limited options and thus far, bud fills the gap well enough to keep me functional, and as a mother with three young children, I Cannot allow my body to fall into a rut. Hence, i shall light up as much as necessary to keep it under control. Although, I admit, Im about to quit the cigs. Those aren't necessary and its just a cop out for me to continue with it when I know better. I do. I may move to a vape with zero nicotin

@Sadoi I quit cigs 18 mo. ago. Best of luck!


The natives of all countries had something they enjoyed. In what is now America, it was tobacco. However, tobacco was considered sacred and only smoked during ceremonies. The industrial revolution has made everything into a commodity.

@SilverDollarJedi bingo! i believe that is the reason it is kept illegal. cannabis could reek havoc on a number of industries that enjoy monopolizing their particular nitch in the market. i believe this 110%. Hemp is amazing too. I have purchased a few pairs of summer shoes that are made of hemp, completely.

true dat!


I'd say we both could do without the cigs. Its a costly, nasty habit with no real benefits and too many detriments. For me its an addiction, one of a few I have again not found a willingness to give up. At least its not heroin!

Still, if it helps you or not, if it feels good and its within your rights, do it! Forget the naysayers...they can't truly know you, definitely can't be you and, as such, their opinions are of little if any importance.

I had no idea of your's sad to hear all you've had to endure. Your prescription is likely for indicas which I often smoke for general aches and pains, physical and psychological. I prefer hybrids when not smoking sativa for the purely creative, open minded feelings they produce.

If anyone has a problem with that, it's their problem!

No i do sativa's. Im not a fan of indica's. I prefer thinking bud so I can process. Indica just knocks me into a coma. Sativa's though... I loove sativas. hee hee! Oh no no, don't be sad. 🙂 I believe my life long health issues have formulated my philosophies and my deep, intense love for life! It made me aware of my mortality at a young age, thus taught me how to Live liffe to the Fullest. It also taught me humility and awareness that I am finite. I thank the powers that may be, if any, for having been born ill. As a kid, of course, i didnt like it. I had my first open heart surgery when I was 4. I am thankful for it though because it taught me appreciation, fearlessness, drive, passion, compassion... it made me Stronger having had these issues. I wouldn't be the woman i am today if Not For having been born with these ailments. I Embrace them because they are the Reasons I have come out as well rounded as I have, these days. I am grateful for my life in ways, perhaps, others cannot appreciate. So, in that alone, I feel blessed. My ailments are part of me. They are fused to my psyche. They make me the whole person I am and... I love who I am and in that, I love what illness brought to me. It opened my eyes to many things at a young age and... that is a gift to be praised and not something I use for pity or for sympathy. I never pitied myself and never whinned all those "why meee's" like most people do. I just found ways to... detour around the broken parts... I found ways to incorporate the desires I had with the limitations I was told I had to obide by. It taught me not to believe what I am told and it taught me how to challenge my own body, my own physical pain. I am in pain every day when I first wake up. I must stretch a lot and do alittle pilates or yoga to get going, but pain, pain lets me know im Alive and pain... once you learn how to manage it, you can do Anything and not be ruled nor controlled by it. Mostly it forced my spirit/energy/force whatever you want to call it, to resist the instincts of my physical bodies reaction to pain. I can use my mind over matter. Illness made my MIND Stronger. and in turn, that strong Mind is why I have survived all that I have. So yeah, don't feel sad for me. Feel happy I was lucky enough to take what some would consider a set back, and to reinvent it to serve my life, as opposed to being the onus that served to destroy it. I have no regrets. 😉

@Sadoi the more I get to know you the more I adore you!

If we meet then if you want to be a part of our art and if that were to include dance we'll have to formulate ways to incorporate your yoga and pilates first then expand upon those moves to create appropriate dances.

Sativa for pain management? I think about the pain less with sativas and I take my indicas in hybrids to avoid the full on "narcotic" effect. If we do meet we may have to take a trip to Sahara Wellness to pick up some mutually agreeable weed. Still, if we're talking sativa, at least as a predominant hybrid, that'll be no problem!

You are an amazing woman in so many ways. So no more sadness...the admiration, affection and absolute awe you inspire in me you could do little to change though!

@DangerDave well, typically they are hybrids. Even my sativa's have a small bit of indica. But straight indica, yiiikes! no thank you! haha! I just feel like a total TARD when i smoke straight indica. You are in Vegas, right? Well i saw all the billboards for the 420 club. We can go there! Although, this summer, I made a hook up in Vegas Northside. A little asian lesbian/dyke out there. Shes pretty cool. I met her through the 420 club. I needed bud. haha 😉

@DangerDave aww and thank you for the compliment. Much appreciated. 🙂


It's unfortunate that this administration encourages federal penalization of marijuana. I hold a medical marijuana card and was a smoker until this past summer. Edibles did nothing for me, although I made many for others' benefit and enjoyment. I quit consuming for a couple of reasons: cost and health. I had a smoker's cough. (I quit cigarettes 17 years ago.) Allergies seem to be at the root of my current slight cough. I did not see any change in my pain level, so I'm happy. I'm dead set against narcotics unless everything else fails, and I've had a knee and hip replacement already. It's nice to know it's there if I need it, and it should remain available for those who need it. Like anything, an addictive personality can always find something to which it will be addicted.

Me too. I am carded. I am also not a fan of edibles. I do not like the way they make me feel and i havent had enough experience with them to get the dosing quite right because it hits the body in a completely different fashion that smoking. Im just not well verse enough in the edibles to enjoy them. I have severe allergies too. In the winter. I am about to quit the cigs myself. And agreed. 🙂 I wouldnt say im addicted. When i have quit cigs, i went cold turkey. I think its more of a social thing for me. I tend to smoke cigs much more when I am with friends, but bud, I smoke that alone usually or with fellow potheads.

@Sadoi i miss the taste and buzz. However, I think I used it to compensate for cigarettes. I'm fine without it, but I love it.


I am all for full legalization. I personally do not really enjoy it, but it is a safe diversion for many, including some of my dearest friends. I do think full legalization would increase the statistics for "driving under the influence" of marijuana, as the illegality keeps many from gathering in locations like bars and then driving home.

I also understand that the human body is full of cannabinoid receptors and have no doubt that there are serious medical benefits that can be taken from the plant.

However, I am opposed to medicinal marijuana because adding a plant to the FDA approval list would require loosening of the standards the FDA uses. I think it should be like fiber or prune juice. Doctor's should just recommend it. My specific complaint is the strict dosing guidelines that medications required for evidentiary claims of efficacy and dosing(not risk factor because it is very safe). I think it's important that we don't have lobbyists trying to get acai berries and green tea listed as medications. Plants may be wonderful for you and may be the source of most medication, but medical labeling restrictions should remain strict.

I am not opposed to pharmaceutical grade extracts and synthetics being produced and labeled for medicinal use, but that is not the same thing as medicinal marijuana. Also, in case anyone was unaware, there has been a legal prescription synthetic since the 80's called Marinol.

Loved your response! I can see where you are coming from with the FDA approval list too. I think you are correct, it shold just be something drs suggest akin to other healthy alternative options.


I wish I liked it (SO CHEAP!), I don't it's the shittest drug you can get, for reccy value, IMO.

i get good stuff in Denver at a GREAT price! =D


I enjoy edibles, my lungs don't do very well with smoke despite having never smoked in my life. Maybe it's a result of both my parents smoking when I was young, my baseline oxygen saturation is 96%. I'll defend anyone's right to smoke anything they want so long as they don't argue that it supersedes my right not to be exposed to second-hand smoke in public spaces. Be respectful and enjoy!

I would never do that to anyone. I typically smoke alone in my car or if i have company i will go to the basement bathroom if they are not smokers as well. I would never dream of pushing my habits on to anyone who was not willingly wishing to partake. I am extremely polite and considerate. I won't even smoke around my animals. I believe in their rights to choose too! haha!


I am anti smoking. But if you are doing it in your privacy I have no issues. Your liberty ends where my nose begins. @sadoi I understand your matter... If it's for medicinal purpose I am alright. In your case if it gives you relief, as a friend I support you. But beyond that it's crap.

Awww i really appreciate your words because I Do value your opinion. Thank you friend. 🙂

@Sadoi 🙂


I spent most of my life never having smoked anything, cigs included. I was raised, off and on, by hippies since my mother was a hippie living in the Pacific Northwest during my childhood. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with cancer that I opted to take up smoking pot. I tried the first couple of months without it, but the misery was unexplainable and intense. I finally broke down and gave it a shot, what did I have to lose? I can honestly say if not for marijuana, chemo and radiation would have killed me because I already had severe digestive issues most of my life and the chemo/radiation that was forced upon me only expounded upon that suffering. I am so offended when people come after those of us who Do and Have smoked. After a portion of my stomach was removed and I was in remission, I continued to smoke and do to this day, daily, before meals, in order to not vomit 80% of my food up. It is a personal choice and so long as people are Allowed Legally to Drink in the US, I find it offensive that ANYONE gives a pothead grief over smoking a plant that Does relieve all manner of ailments. I work in the medical field and I have seen First Hand how marijuana Aids many patients with their suffering. I, for one, Defend the use of said drug because there are MANY MANY OTHER Horrific things people do to their bodies on the daily, for example, the fact that I smoke cigs. I am willing to put Myself up there on the judgement block by Way of my cig smoking, but to come down So Hard on a drug that Actually helps people is an ignorant viewpoint. Before I began smoking I was on a plethora of pills. I lost my gallbladder 2 years after my bought with cancer and that was DUE TO All the medication I was given throughout my life. I was born with something called Atrial Septal Defect, in my case, 6 holes in my heart, and I have had a pacemaker since the age of 19. I am also now allergic to 95% of antibiotics due to the overwhelming amount of synthetic pills I was forced to take. Until you walk a mile in the shoes of someone WITH serious health issues, it is absolutely ignorant and arrogant to judge the use of this Medication, because it IS as much a medication as all that BULLSHITTERY pill crap I was given a majority of my life. Since I began smoking, I have stopped taking ALL pills. All. Every, Single One of them. I am sorry if I sound standoffish and annoyed, but... I am blunt aside from my kindness and... I find this sort of rhetoric born of ignorance and I WILL Defend ANYONES right to smoke pot/weed/mary jane. If Dudes can run around like drunken baffoons, reek havoc in the world, why can I not enjoy a joint? I mean, drunkeness has lead to so much pain and grief from drunk driving accidents to alcholism, the abuse and the suffering that has been born of it... whereas a pothead?? Come'on now! The worst hes gonna do is loaf around on the sofa and EAT all your foodstuffs from the kitchen, but go out and get into fights, rape, drive drunk and kill others or themselves... dude... stoners don't want to go out for a cruise. They just want a damn cupcake, some doritos and a freakin soda. Lets get real here please. And YES IT IS A MEDICINE. I will stand by that and Take it to the Grave. Them's my two cents. Mmm hmm... feel FREE TO DEBATE ME ON IT IF YOU WOULD LIKE. Cause... here I am... snaps in z-formation Bring it ON if you want to... I can take it. 😉

PS- And it Isnt a cureall. It is a reliever. And by the way, I do Not Drink. Not at All. I do not even consume Caffeinated drinks, minus hot tea, and most of the time I go herbal, decaf. I do not drink coffee. I rarely eat sugary foods because I sincerely do not like most sweets, esp rich desserts. I rarely consume meat and would venture to say I am more of a pescatarian than anything else and have been vegetarian about 90% of my life. Even as a child I disliked the taste of meat.

And I am Actually a health nut too soo... I am healthy and I take care of myself. Sooo... mmm hmm... pot helps Me to function the Best I can as a mother and as a human being and for me, that is a godsend and no way in hell would I ever stop doing it simply over judgements and preconceived notions about a product that makes some peoples lives doable. Try to tell me its wrong and that would be akin to trying to convince me there IS a god. its like that, buddy.

Sadoi Level 7 Jan 12, 2018

You go for girl, it has always amazed me (as a UK subject rather than a citizen).That the rights of life liberty and the persecute of happiness do not extend further in the US than they do.

@273kelvin hear hear!! Right! I agree and thank you my friend 🙂

@Hellbent aww, that touched me, friend. I hoped i didnt sound like some fiesty nutjob when I posted this. haha! I appreciate your support and encouragement my good sir. 🙂

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