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Does the weather effect your emotions or your mode?

Beyond the fact like you don't like getting wet, cold or too hot does the sun brighten you mode or do cloudy days give you a gloomy outlook on life? Other than the three realities mentioned I am not effected by weather except for wild winds and lightening storms. Wind excites me emotionally I love it. Lightening however scares the crap out of me perhaps because I was hit once this is for good reason so, that it may not count. How about you?

HeathenFarmer 8 Jan 12

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I feel physical changes when the barometric pressure fluctuates, especially when it decreases, so if I get a headache because of it, it's going to impact my mood. Sunny, coolish, low-humidity, blue-sky days cause me feel up and energetic.

I am a weather junkie, so-to-speak (love watching the weather channel) so yeah, any kind of weather is intriguing to me. I live in hurricane country and have been in the eye of major storms. It's an awe-inspiring experience. Tornadoes also fascinate me. I'd be the one taking pictures or video until the last minute. Lol

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cause me to feel up

@VictoriaNotes I also love watching the weather, and live on the east coast of Florida, often hit by or skimmed from hurricanes. I like comparing all those diagrams of β€œcone of uncertainty” to my own predictions. πŸ˜‰

@MyLiege Haha -- I can relate. πŸ˜€

One of my girl's and my favorite shows ever to watch together is the weather channels "Strangest Weather on Earth". Have you seen that one? I asked for that for my b day one year if it was on disc but they don't exist unfortunately. I could watch that show all day LOL

@Qualia I have, indeed. It's excellent.


Weather affects me big time. Today its raining on top of a foot of snow so its foggy, wet and depressing without the sun. Need sunshine and light. I am afraid of lightening too. When I was a teenager my home fashion conscious mother had the latest foil wallpaper installed in her bathroom next to her bedroom. We had a lightening storm one night and crash lightening entered into the bathroom and crashed next to my parent's bed scaring the shit out of me. Have constant nightmares of tornados but have never seen one. Wizard of Oz anyone? LOL.

Yes, I must admit tornados are scary at close range but they are made by the most incredible clouds ever, I really like the ones that you can count the mesocyclone rotations on their outside,


Not sure of emotion thing, sure gives me pain in parts that have been repaired (that is when the barometric pressure changes).


Growing up in NJ there were some amazing thunder and lightening storms. At 20 I moved to Seattle WA. drizzle, clouds and days when the mountain was out. I never even owned a bumbershoot. Now I find after days of low clouds in Ellensburg WA the sun pops out and my spirits lift a bit. I generally wake up in a good mood, even b4 coffee but hte weather does effect me more - age? maybe

I lived in Seattle for over twenty years (Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill mostly). I loved it. On sunny days it was gorgeous, but there were precious few of those days. Then I moved to New York (only minutes from New Jersey) and we get more sun, and during the summer it's a lot warmer. I love that. At first Seattle weather didn't bother me, but as I got older... it got harder. That's just me though. I think this area has more rain than Seattle, but it all comes down in quick bursts and then goes away. I think I prefer that.

I know the "mountain is out' adage. We once had a total and clear view of Mt. Rainier. Now I have a view of some of the Olympics from my sunroom and our big mountain is Mt. Baker. I was once waiting at the ferry landing, it was near dusk and I noticed everyone going to one side of the parking lot with their cameras. The moon was rising right over the tip of Mt. Baker and with the light it was a spectacular shot.

@Benthoven Some of us call it 'Seattle spit'. Here on Lopez we are in a 'rain shadow' and get only 2/3 the rain of Seattle with over 200 days of sun.


-15 here this morning, horses wearing clothes, and I'm happy when my dogs potty in the garage; it's crazy cold here in MN! Supposed to be -19 tonight that means horses wear 2 coats!
I don't like strong wind, it makes me nervous, worse yet it makes the horses nervous and not very safe to be around.
I love a breeze on a hot summer day and only then.
I've had many broken bones so I do feel the changes coming, like azzow2 said.

I wish it would warm up to -15 here it would feel like a spring day has not got above -20F in 4 days


I grew up in Arizona USA. All my life rain or snow has cheered me up -- even when I lived in Seattle. Lol.


Wind makes me very happy.


Weather, winter specifically, used to bother me a lot more when I lived in Northern states.
Living in the South has alleviated the SLD (Seasonal Light Disorder) I used to experience.
Not to mention the lack of shoveling, de-icing, wind-chill factors, and all the other attendant bullshit that goes with winter. Also, the older I get, the less willing I am to tolerate the cold.
I'd rather deal with hurricane season.

Tell me about it -24F here this morning and the sunhat just made a spectacular entrance over the hills to the Southeast.


I like a light breeze. WInd like what we have here now (steady at about 20-30 with gusts to 60) makes me uneasy. I like thunderstorms. long periods of gray days can depress me


I like rain.


Weather changes are awesome to me except hot weather. I hate hot weather. Always have because I had to work in it. I got paid but it was rough. I sweat more than any person I've ever seen. But i love exciting weather. I'll never wonder about a hurricane again. Been through 2 if them. My house is damaged but not that much.


The sun definitely brightens my mood. It was sunny today in Chicago and I went for a walk -- a short one, as the air hurt my face. But it was still wonderful to be outside. I LOVE storms, though I am careful to ensure my safety. And I love snow, too. I'm a little crazy like that. πŸ™‚


I remember in Feb is NYC getting very long with short days and cold weather...


I grew up in Los Angeles, where the sun shines almost all year round. As that was what I was raised with, i took it for granted.

Now, I live in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. and it rains aobut 5 months out of the year. The main difference is that now when there is a sunny day, I make point to get out and go have some fun. I actually now do more activity wise than I did in Los Angeles where the weather was always generally nice.

On the downside, if you live where it is cloudy so much for a good part of the year, you need to take vitamin D supplements, or else you may experience depression. Some are more prone to this than others, but yoru body produces vitamin D when you are out in the sun, and it is a vital nutrient. If you spen all your time indoors no matter where you live you may need to take a vitamin D supplement. It is a good idea, if you gont' get much time in the sun, that at your next physical, you ask to have your vitamin D l;evels tested. Teh levels of vitamin D can grealy influence your mood.


Definitely - hot weather makes me feel low, cold weather makes me feel alive, and I also prefer it when it gets dark early.

As for rain, I always just tell myself that rain is more important for life on this planet than me or anyone who has ever lived.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 12, 2018

I live in Alaska. Half of our year is almost shrouded in darkness. A lot of people get the SAD (seasonal affective disorder) during the dark days because of the lack of the vitamin D that the sun provides which coincidently affects the serotonin levels in your brain which makes you happier. So a lot of people here take vitamin D pills during the winter months.

Ever consider getting a sun lamp 15 minute per day exposer to a bare face and arms is all you need. This is a real problem for a lot of Canadians, too. They go to work inside in the dark and and come home in the dark.


I'm part reptile, so I prefer warmth. If it's warm, with the exception of the occasional hurricane, anything else is fine. And I love a good, wild thunderstorm !

Oh - and I dislike snow intensely - which is why I'm not around it anymore.


For me, there is a wonderful activity for every kind of weather.

Cold, and sometimes wet weather tends to cause my joints to ache.
Snow is fun if it's a quick melt off and doesn't linger, but snow is my least favorite weather.

Cold weather though makes me want to snuggle. One can usually find me under a comforter by a fire with a warm cup of cocoa and a book.
A partner beside me for this would be a wonderful thing and could lead to other ideas.

Rainy days either make me want to sleep or go splash in a puddle. I find kissing in the rain fun.

Stormy weather I find fascinating. If the lightning is still far off I will stand out in the weather. I find the wind and rain, and perhaps sometimes even the waves whipping up all around me energizing.

Sunshine I want to either swim, go boating, camping or picnicking.

Donna Level 6 Jan 13, 2018

Aren't our emotions based on our past experiences? I like the changing weather. Which ever way it tends to go.


Rainy weather makes me sleepy if I get still. Sunny weather is an ordinary day feeling...happy, energetic. Stormy weather is exciting. Extended cold is depressing but good for a change from this unending sunny and hot weather.

PEGUS Level 5 Jan 12, 2018

I prefer sunshine all the time. I moved from New York to Florida mostly because of weather.


Weather affects all animals. Our evolutionary history was born with meteorite activity, the sun, the moon, and most of all the weather. In a sense, the weather made us what we are. Cows always lay down on cloudy and rainy days, ...I feel the same way !


To a point. Where I live the weather can be boring; temperate with some rain in winter and drought in summer. Often wind storms and seldom snow. The only thing that effects most of us is that being far northerly we get only some 8 hours of daylight.

The biggest mood swing happens during the warm sunny months. Makes me horny (now I understand why those in some areas - like Italy - have a lot of sex).


it really does I call winter funeral weather


I used to, don't notice it much any more.

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