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Firearms are the Worst Thing to Happen to Humanity. Or what invention do you think has been worst for Humanity?.

Firearms or guns, are designed for death and any fool can pull a simple trigger, leaving someone collapse in shock. Gone are the good old school days where a fist fight settles a score. Now that we have guns, the women, the elderly, and the frail all have equal footing! That’s five times the number of people who can now kill other people! That’s just not right.

Most animals are dead in the last 40 years on earth. Guns vs wildlife, where has our humanity gone since then?

War and authorities kill more people than then public dose. Firearms the most efficient tool. What's worst, suicide, more people commit suicide than all the wars, murders and terrorist combined. Guns are the leading tool again.

Slavery is bigger today than in any other time in human history and by gun point. US has 160 countries with their military bases. The greedy holds the guns cause even greater death tolls like poverty and drug wars.

After killing someone with a gun something dies in your soul, often causing suicide. Bullets even get trapped inside their taken out surgically; seriously messed up shit.

Sweep these guns under the rug, the sooner we’ll live in a more peaceful and civilized society. Or allow the heirachary of the greedy banker money suppliers, military and the police injustice systems lead the way. Who are the largest Corperationism group's in the world. Cheating us, murder us and buggery us and keeping you and I in debtor slavery..

What do I care, it's only suffering vs happiness, synthetic vs green power for the people. I get to report the freak show. Love to hear what you think is worst than firearms and guns.

Castlepaloma 7 Jan 12

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On this thread alot people think Religion is the worst for humanity. I follow the money to find the ultimate source of control. Yes Religion is a great tool, it's the master of the these tools like Zionist who control minds through media, the oil and banking.

The old epic Religious movies of Charles Heston are dead. Like what Jim Carrey displays on his youtube play of Cold Dead Hands.
Nationaism and firearms is the new synthetic Religion of force. What keep sweeping all the Hollywood awards-
Sex and Violence.


Firearms is to general a term.
I've owned a lot of different kinds of guns. Gone hunting and to the shooting range. I don't have a problem with rifles. It's not to easy to kill yourself with a rifle. They aren't kept in a drawer and you have usually got to make an effort to go get a rifle. I don't believe in trophy hunting. If you aren't gonna eat it don't kill it.
There is something to be said about target practice. Hitting a target smaller than your hand at 600yrd.s is not easy and a lot of fun. Shooting a bunch of holes in something is a great way to relieve stress.
Having said that, pistols and assault rifles are a entirely different story. Pistols were designed to kill people. You don't hunt with your primary gun being a pistol. It's used as a back up weapon when hunting animals that can kill you back if you miss your first shot. That's about the only thing I think a pistol is good for, and it wasn't designed for that.
Nobody needs guns with 50 or more round clips to hunt with. Nobody needs a gun that shoots 300-400 rounds a minute to hunt with.
Controlling pistols, large volume clips, and assault rifles is as far as you need to go.


I truly believe that the worst invention ever is religion . I really can't think of something that divides people , causing hate and suffering more than acting on behalf of an imaginary friend .

At times I thought Religion could be the worst for Humanity because 90percent of wars are predominantly Religious Countries.

When Richard Dawkins said Nationaism is worst than Religion, it confirm a stronger feeling that Nationaism is worst than Religion. Goverments has a licence to steal and kill, where Religion has rules about that.

@I would love to see where Dawkins said that . Would you point me in the right direction please?


the chinese had gun powder for 600 years before they even thought of blowing someone up. says something for their culture and something rank about ours

Yeah, China has not a major war since 1979. Longest and largest multi cultural place than anywhere in world history


the moment we picked up tools and farmed was the beginning of our end. our brain is our worst enemy. jellyfish have thrived for hundreds of millions of years and they haven't got one.

Best thing about a human is our brain, why don't we use it? About 90percent of species on earth have gone extinct. Making us an easy target if we don't use our brain well.

oh, it should be but look what we have done with it.


I accept firearms to be that bad. Also think of racism, ignorance, religion and why not... money.


Guns killed more Americans in 12 years than AIDS, war, and illegal drug overdoses combined
By Zack Beauchamp on June 12, 2016

What we've got here is failure to communicate because Nationaism has us very brain washed. Show me where guns reduce rape. My data say out of 1,100 sexual assaults, in only one did the victim use a gun in self-defense.

Look at men fighting, look at women crying and the hate we're breeding. Look at the fear we're feeding, it is not the number of gun deaths numbers. It's the highest death toll by the fear and surppression by firearm causing poverty, salvery, and tyrants it creates. Call it Nationaism the Destruction leading what we've always done before. Our hands are tied for billions work brainwashed pride pay more taxes than for rent and food. God bless America yet the Constitution is toilet paper along with banks printed money.All are swept aside by bloody hands time can't deny, then washed away by genocide and hides the lies of our civil wars. Public health costs of guns is too high. Victims used a gun in less than 1% of crime incidents. What self defense is a gun locked in a safe from children. Why not, sleep with your gun and shoot anyone who coming through a door.

If I am upset I will write a letter an American thinks about a gun. Nabourghood watch is far more effective, I am not hanging out with a gun owner who may anger over anything..

Gun in self-defense increase the likelihood of injury. Try, Mace, or a dog. For the million of people I have been in contact with. Running and reporting was most effective for me or the for criminal. Nothing major stolen yet.

Criminals don't do studies if homes have a gun or not. They may want to steal your guns. A gun in your home increases the likelihood you will be shot accidentally, but also that someone in the home will die in a suicide or homicide. Prisons are full of people who have pot, yet only 13 percent are violent criminals. Policing for profit is the name of the game, guns won't stop real criminals, a good prepared plan will.


Dose my photo look like a women, if not, I eat nails for breakfast.
Been a sculptor for 40years, part-time I'm security supervisor and private investigator. Save a lot of lives, yet experience, education and foresight serves best.


Hitler would disagree. He started with fire arms, but felt that was to slow, and developed the gas chamber. The terrorist seem to prefer a well placed bomb, or poison gas, or weaponized biological or viral attack or air planes. Statistics indicate that car kills more people accidentally than the gun. If your a thug a bat works well, and a knife. Responsible people don't kill even if they have gun, and if by chance they do it is to preserve life by self defense.


If religion is considered an invention, that it beats firearms hands down.

Yes, I would consider Religion as a tool to kill, like in their support of wars and concerns of sex or drugs.
Would Religion have this power without the tie of the justice system and military. The heirachary system threaten everyone by the fear of firearms and nuclear war.
War and guns what is it good for!
Absolutely nothing.


Totally agree. Guns are evil. I would never use a gun unless I was in a zombie apocalypse. In other words no trophy hunting, no semi-automatic weapons and no gunstocks.


I think there is a place for guns in society. Hunting and home security are a couple of examples. I've never had a gun, and don't ever plan to. I am scared to death of them. But I can see why some folks would want one. But, to me, Americans take it way over the top! We are obsessed with them, and don't seem to have the maturity to respect their deadly force.


Don't know where you get your stats.

Nov. 6, 2017 · In 2016, there were more than 38,000 gun-related deaths in the U.S. — 4,000 more than 2015, ...

More Americans have died from guns since 1968 than in all the wars in US history.

@VirginCotton I respect your view, but I think it's wholly inaccurate. Even if the crime rate has gone down, and there are indications it has in some cities, it's not because everyone has a gun. It's because the economy is better and more people are employed. Statistically it's the economy that affects crime rates, not "My guns bigger than your gun!"

A gun for home security ? That's quite a weird thought here in the UK .


I agree without guns there would be almost no violence. But, I don't think Ghengis Khan got the message.

Imagine if Khan had firearm's.

Can't Imagine killing anyone in my lifetime.
Hypothetically, let say Khan and I had a death duel in a cage match. He had his sword and I had a gun. Who would win?

Would difference would it make who of you would be dead if ANY weapon were available. Aside from that, what is your is not like all guns are going to disapear...that genie is out of the lamp. Also, consider that in 100 years we will all be gone anyway according to Stephen Hawking due to the population bomb. Your obsession with guns is a moot point.

I rather knock Khan out with my marshal art skills and call it a draw. No honor in killing anyone with a gun. Alex the Great, said war solves nothing. That is an obsession over nothing.

How Grimm, guns are not magic nor is war. Have faith in people, who are basically good. We can easily match away from war. When we stop being brainwashed from it's complete nonsense.


I stopped reading when I got to "Now that we have guns, the women, the elderly, and the frail all have equal footing" part......really dude

How dose a gun protect you?

  1. You own a gun, you are 3 times more likely to kill yourself than some esle.
  2. You are more likely to kill someone you know than the criminal your supposed to protect yourself from.
  3. After killing someone with a gun . In which you harm someone who has a family,. Then you may feel suicidal, or your continued vicious cycle. For killing never stops killing, like war troops wanting to kill in revenge, ten fold.

@Castlepaloma 1) does 2) your reply has nothing to so with what I wrote 3) my point kind of is what is wrong with women, elderly ,and frail having equal footing? Ibreally did stop reading after that point so forgive me if you explained the sexist, ageist,and anti- disability statement that made my eyes roll ( is ageist a word??) 4) without sources for your list its just crap you made up 5) you have no idea what my opinons of gun ownership are or my proficiency with fire arms 6) i could go on picking your response to my comment apart but I just don't care that much

In Canada, about 80 percent of firearm-related deaths are suicide The most conservative group on Suicide gun death is the. The National Rifle Association (NRA) U.S. citizens), 33,636 by firearms" These deaths consisted of 11,208 homicides, 21,175 suicides,

NRA go as far rewriting classic children's stories, with guns. Two books have been published.

You can imagine people with greater disability are higher risk of suicide .

@Castlepaloma please see point to in my earlier comment..... or.... I can be blunt and say I got to the part that states "...the women...." and decided you're a sexist jerk.... I literally pasted your statement in my reply.... if you're not a sexist jerk then explain the comment I'm referring to and I'll retract my jerk comment🙂

Not been called a sexist jerk before. Simply find firearm destructive. firearm's not overall useful, creative, defensive, or of great value.

I have been shot at a few times, I train security to be hide and seek masters. We know the bigger the bully the bigger the gun. I don't I bullies, to take a gun to solve things is a coward.


In the UK we have a documentary, fronted by Miriam Margolyes, that is examining various aspects of the American way of life that we Brits just don't understand - some of it amusing, some not. Anyway, she said something quite simple, yet profound, when it came to guns:

"I am certainly capable of shooting and killing someone. That is why I must never have a gun."

I know that a lot of Americans here just won't get that comment.

I could just as easily kill you with I shouldn't have a car? It's personal responsibility and self control. If the only thing stopping you from killing someone is not having a weapon in your hand you need help. (I say "you" in general not AT you zanyfish) also I tend to agree gins in my country are a bit out of hand but I don't see it changing.

I can't imagine the world without a useful car. I can imagine the world without useless guns. There are 10 US states where firearms cause more deaths than cars.

@Pooska That's the whole point - you couldn't "just as easily kill me with antifreeze". How many mass murders have been caused by antifreeze?

"If the only thing stopping you from killing someone is not having a weapon in your hand you need help". I think that the most effective deterrent is not having access to a gun in the first place.

@zanyfish I won't state that guns aren't dangerous and that they don't need to be controlled but if someone wants to kill bunch of people they find a way...was there a guy that went and chopped up a bunch of people with a knife not to long ago? Mowed down a bunch with a truck? Here in the USA we do shoot eachother a lot because guns are all over the place but I don't for one minute think that if guns were not so available here we wouldn't keep killing eachother.... machete death rate would skyrocket and vehicular homicide would too....its not the weapon its the thought process behind it in my humble opinion

@Pooska "Here in the USA we do shoot eachother a lot because guns are all over the place but I don't for one minute think that if guns were not so available here we wouldn't keep killing eachother". I agree. Nutcases will always be nutcases, but I do think that guns give them the ammunition, literally, to do more harm than they otherwise could.

@zanyfish very true.... I've had such a good time going back and forth i forgot the whole reason I even made a comment on this post was that it really ticked me off. Now mind you indidnt get past the "....the women...." part lol


Completely agree...


No! people in the media neglect to say how many people were saved in a day because shopkeepers are allowed to own guns. That criminal that cop killed how many people would he have hurt if they were not stopped. Many people use guns as a tool to put food on the table farmers use them to protect their animals I have heard on more than one occasion that guns are what deture America from being invaded. .

You have people going into shops looking to massacre a whole bunch of people? Really? Surely they came for the goods.

@zanyfish you don't have to go to a legitimate gun shop to get a weapon here silly... fleamarkets, yard sales, estate sales, the back of some guy name Reggies van.....all of which don't need to be reported in anyway. It's crazy

@zanyfish I was in the Navy kind of partial to shooting bad guys.

@Pooska You left out that you can make one in your house if you have a some powdered porcelain and a kiln.

@azzow2 you're so right my bad

"I have heard on more than one occasion that guns are what deture America from being invaded" - yeah, by tourists 😉


I know most people major in minor things.

There must be some deeper thinkers, here.

How "deep" do you want people to think? You throw out a nonsequitur thesis... "guns be bad" and expect some arguments against it? If you want an honest intellectual discussion, suggest a solution to the problem of gun violence and we can go from there. But, I think the problem here is more likely an example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

Being aware of the dangers is to control the dangers is one solution. Bolivia is my home solutions and safest place during the Third world war coming up. Was deep enough thought for me.

When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."American public carry 10 times the guns than the US military has. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."The federal government won't work out as our servant, the now NWO make them our master!" It can only get worst. Like all throughout human history, it takes great abuse before the true leaders, the people change it for the good. Not the heirachary Greedy.

“When the people "tyranny has found victory," then "a smaller government is our servant"

Sorry, no solid solutions, just aim to be the hide and seek world Champion.

@MsOliver Saturday night special great song. There is more wisdom from them that needs saying more often.
" Whiskey bottles and brand new cars, oak tree your in my way"

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