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trumpie keeps telling the farmers that they can take it. he isn't paying their bills and causing them to file bankruptcy. He is just showing his power to please himself. Why aren't tariffs required to have a vote in Congress?


Maybe people can consolidate into coops and build something like Sundrop farms, pioneering solar-powered greenhouse to grow food without fresh water or pesticides.

'First in the world': Solar-powered greenhouse growing food without fresh water [] via @ABCNews


And who will pick the strawberries? Not any "self respecting" American. Since when did work become an anathema?

I live in the Strawberry Capitol of the country, and we've had plenty of them here this year, but I don't know about the rest of the country, or next year.

I don't know how many out there remember the "bracero" program, but it seemed to work very well a few short decades ago. Why can't we do something like that again?

@Condor5 The bracero program worked well except for the exploytation that occurred. Much agribusiness is mechanized currently. Nafta aided Mexico economically so less emigration occurred. I know folks who embarked on the bracero program. Mexico is a 2nd world country now & the northern part is prosperous compared to the southern half. 2 very differrent cultures. Industrialized north. Agricultural south.

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