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I'm not interested in gaining points or levels. why the hierarchy ?

magicwatch 7 Jan 12

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I tell you that at level 10 you get to levitate; why don't you people believe me?

This is totally true


I understand t it to be a process of vetting people, which makes sense as this is also a "dating" website. Play safe, everyone!


It's a dopamine hit whenever you make progress. Kind of brilliant, honestly.


That's pretty much like anything else. If you're not interested in it, don't worry about it. Quite a lot of us aren't interested, but there are others who are. Simple as that.


Some people seem too interested in gaining levels. Some people think it’s a popularity race. But most of us just do our thing, and climb slowly. The biggest benefits to leveling are messaging and post reviews.


it encourages interaction which is a good thing


Then just ignore them , and enjoy the other features !


It is a reward for participating, like I would need that but some do.


to prevent scammers


Early on, the levels carry various benefits — so there's motivation to be active on the site and earn points. I think it's a bit of fun that helps increase initial engagement.


Think it is operated by a non-profit outfit could be looking for advice councle.


Agree, its annoying


For making it harder for scammers and to show appreciation to our active members.

Admin Level 8 Jan 12, 2018

I love it...thanks.

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