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I don't know why, but I thought that I wouldn't find as much discrimination and bigotry on this site. Of course, I was wrong. I know that simply denying the existence of god doesn't grant one empathy. Just because a person gives up one illogical idea doesnt mean that they'll give up all of them.

TerryH 4 Jan 13

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Agreed that this is a place of calm for many of us who have to swim against the current of religious folk day in and day out. Being a bit curt with someone here to argue that God(s) exist will set many of us off. Well not even set us off. Make us block someone perhaps? Or tell them to go pound sand - because that will be so much more useful!


I wouldn't have joined the site if I expected everybody to share my opinions on everything, it is just refreshing to discuss their views in the absence of, "God says".


Amazing how people can view the same thing in such different ways. I've found the members here to be the most civil and open minded of any online group I have been a part of.

They are indeed... unless you show up and introduce yourself politely as a Christian.


I have a lot of strange beliefs, which I have talked about here. Most people don't agree with me, however most of them area respectful and allow me my delusions.

In other-words, just because they don't agree with you does not mean they are discriminating or being bigots. It just means...... well that they don't agree with you.

But did any of your beliefs include calling yourself a believing Christian?

At one time in my life, yes it did. In fact, at one time I was a fundamentalist Christian and my sister was the atheist (now it's the other way around). Even then, when someone disagreed with me, they were just disagreeing with me. People should be able to have intelligent debates without resort to name-calling and finger pointing.


This is a subset of human beings with all blemishes that includes that happen to have thoughts about atheism/agnosticism and such


I'm interested to know what brought you to that position.
That really hasn't been my experience since joining this site.


I, for one, am definitely opinionated at times, as are some others. And it is certainly true that not being a religious believer does not define all our other opinions in life. But my experience on this site has been great. The discussions have almost all been quite respectful, even when we disagree. I might disagree with someone on one comment they make yet admire another viewpoint or insight of theirs.


Sorry you feel that way. We are freethinkers here and want all members to feel welcome. If someone attacks you let Admn know, but we defend our members from trolls.


I agree. I have not seen bigotry. I have not experienced discrimination here. Wondering what you experienced??? We will get into heated debates - but no one has ever been rude or dismissive. Of course if you are a religious person your experience might have been different.

I have to admit I was dismissive of a guy yesterday who insisted I didn't know what atheism is if I wasn't a communist. That was the only time though.

@KKGator Well yes! I don' t blame you there.


People are people. If you appear to be part of our in-group we are tolerant and kind, but if you come in waving a cross...

skado Level 8 Jan 13, 2018

I've had a very positive experience so far. One guy was insulting and a jerk, but I blocked him. Other than that, I've been pleased. What has happened to you?


Show me one group of people who have consistently overcome the lowest common denominators of humanity.

I'll wait.

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