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Have you ever had a taxi (Uber, Lyft or other) experience that you will not forget?

I have not ever used Uber or Lyft. I have had a taxi driver make my ride reckless with swerving in and out of traffic, and since I have not used a taxi service.

Have you had an experience, good or bad, using this service?

MyLiege 7 Jan 13

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Had a Uber driver named Mike in Nashville once, was willing to wait in drive thru at White Castle for over 1 hour while we were trying to get food after a crazy night out. Promised myself I would only use Uber if I was using any service like. Absolutely phenomal!!


Yes, for some reason Uber cannot resolve my address and can only send a car to a spot four blocks away.


Cabby: "Which way do you want take? Through X then Y?"

Me: "Take road A all the way to B. Then turn left at C and take that all the way to D."

Cabby: "Ahhh, the shortest and quickest way."

(I couldn't believe he just admitted to wanting to take me through the longest route. Sydney is a compact city with many ways in and out of one suburb to another. Cab drivers are known to always take the longest routes.)


Was many years ago we were On liberty in Korea my friends talk about it to this day crazy drive driving on sidewalk in to semis how we survived we wonder to this day.

The driving in the Philippines and Korea are alike, it’s a free for all, almost game of chicken. They call passing, overtaking, and sometimes pass into oncoming traffic, road lines mean absolutely nothing, and signs are a suggestion. Some more packed tourist areas are monitored by police so that people follow lights.

@Funandfondles I was in the PI had a jeepnee driver try to rip me off I lifted the jeep up on two wheels that was enough to deter them from trying to rob me.

I was kind of lucky I had locals with me, Philippine people in the city target white people because they think we are weak and stupid, that’s what the world portrays us as. @azzow2


It was at night, in my hometown. I was going home after an intense shift at work. Three cabs turned me down. I kind a looked like a hobo in my working clothes, and was soaked - it was raining as hell the whole day. I was working as a train driver at the time. And it was one of these days that you actually feel lucky making it to the end alive.

Eventually a driver agreed to drive me home, under the condition to remove my jacket, in order not to make his car seats wet. The rain was so intense, that the water on the street was half-knee high.

On the way home the water became even higher, the boulevard suddenly turned into a river, with rageous torrents driving logs, tires, rocks and trash containers around us. It looked surreal.

The driver got concerned "I may not be able to drive you home." - we were driving just a few minutes through that rage of water, mud and any kind of items possible, but it felt like an eternity.

Eventually he pulled to a side street that was relatively dry and managed to bring me home.

Paid double the normal fare. On the morning it was like nothing - just a few out of place objects were suggesting about the water hell that broke loose during the night.

But definitely, it was a ride to remember.

@blago84 no doubt!


Taxis are tricky in foreign countries. Remember a Portuguese driver near Lisboa who kept looking in the backseat. A lot of swerving and worrying.

@sassygirl3869 Yikes!

In some countries is quite unusual to seat on the backseat if you are on your own. The driver may had had bad experience as being stabbed or robbed by a customer riding on the backseat alone.

There were two of us


Back when I was recovering from my stroke I had to take a taxi a few times from school. Generally they were good but I did have a driver that was driving so recklessly that I almost had another stroke


I used to drive lyft for a few hours on sat night. Good way to learn the area meet some real characters.

I once had to break up a 3some that was going on in the back. I don't think I will ever forget that.

@engineer_in_nj D’oh!

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