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QUESTION Chelsea Manning files to run for U.S. Senate in Maryland - The Washington Post

The first post I saw on Facebook was some dipshit saying that what she did was worse than anything Roy Moore did. Think about that....trying to have sex with underage girls is supposed to be better than whistle blowing on our government. How is that conservative values? I suppose that the next argument will be that while her sentence was commuted, that she's not as cleared of charges as Arapaio and should be disqualified even though he's running.

MsOliver 7 Jan 13

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Pardon by Obama Obusha Obombney cleared Chelsea. ....Moore is the unindicted serial rapist Arpaio is promised a pardon from TrumpOLINI. ...Ford gave a blanket pardon in advance of pending charges Nixon faced


Wait...conservative values? Isn't that an oxymoron?


I am glad I am only visiting Maryland and will be gone by end of this month. We got a Traitor in the white house, I reckon we need one in the senate. At least this one is a Convicted Traitor.


Wish those Clintons would stick to ripping Arabs off, they are terrible for politics.

@LennyP49 Bill Clinton sold America to China gave jobs right to them killed the jobs here that were supporting the countries by paying the wave tax. Hillary was too busy hanging out with he her girl in a hotel room when they called for back up in Lybia I detest of both those subhumans.

@LennyP49 the Clinton Crime Mezvinski Billary families all belong in prison for fraud genocide secrecy law crimes treason and rape


I'm happy with Senator Cardin.


I'm sure they will disqualify her. Is she qualified other than a veteran?

Chelsea is 100 % qualified 30 years of age US CITIZEN Alcee Hastings was impeached and removed from FEDERAL CIRCUIT COURTfor taking bribes and was elected to Congress thereafter


I hope she loses in the primary. I don't think she can pull it off in a state with that density of government workers and we can't risk any democratic seats.

Corruption in US SENATE IS 100% Chelsea will be the first honest Senator in many decades

@GreenAtheist Did I make any statement against her honesty or about any other senator? What is the connection between your reply and my comment?


Good for her!

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