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Finish This Statement: IF PEOPLE ONLY KNEW......

How would you finish this statement?
"If People only knew..........."

Please use the first thought that pops in your head and it can be anything you want.

twshield 8 Jan 14

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The government officials have so much stock the f..k up every ones life because of it.


The difference between fact and fiction.


how to practice kindness


...what a thin, arbitrary line separates the ability of anyone to function (physically, mentally, or emotionally) from total incapacitation, and how easily and randomly that line can be breeched.


.... What they look like wearing a cowboy hat and cowboy boots as they walk out of target and get into a Toyota corolla. I'm going to go get a ninja costume and see how that works for me next time I need some groceries.



i think it is finished


if only people knew... What they meant to me (Not all people. Close friends/family I mean) Sometimes telling them and even showing them does not do justice to actually how I feel about and love some people. If only they could read my mind, and realize how amazing and special they are.

Sacha Level 7 Jan 14, 2018

How the computer would take off like did. All those stocks I lost out on.
Please finish the end of this sentence: if I bought all those stocks I would be a.........


information before it's inquired, they'd have psychic abilities.



If people only knew and understood the meaning and purpose of all life. We would be able to coexist harmoniously and peacefully.

Yeah. It's a very complex piece of knowledge.
I've been using it to try and find a solution for world peace but the conditions required for this are very unconventional.

The first step is concerthing my first attempt at the meaning and purpose of life into an exoteric format.

But because of the nature of peace itself, I've kind of abandoned it as a desireable endpoint.

If people fully comprehended he meaning and purpose of life then it would be a horrible thing. We would have world peace, solve world hunger, educate everyone, be the most efficient civilisation in history, etc.

This is not permitted by the meaning and purpose of life. If humanit were to completely understand it then all hell would break loose.

Anyway it's best to remain forgotten in my opinion. I was going to just pass it on to my kids but I'm thinking that I might just hide it.
It's been possible to rediscover it since the 1950's which really astounded me. 2 men have already found it, unfortunately they are both dead.

Only advanced humans can rediscover it.

@M121 that's what SHE said...
Sorry... not sorry! Couldn't resist!!!


What I am really thinking while you blather on, and on, and on.


Commenting to post image quote...

If people only knew...

@HeyHiHullo i love that! thanks for sharing!

@HeyHiHullo that is it!! And that my job kinda hinges on it.


...what they THINK they know.


what I did.

unlike Christians, we don't require you to ask for forgiveness, but you should forgive yourself!

I did a long time ago.


IF PEOPLE ONLY KNEW how hard it is to watch people die at my job on a daily basis 😟

If people only knew with every decision they make and every thing they do, that death is real, is part of life, and can come any time. I think they would live life differently.
Im curious, seeing young people dying affects the way you live your life?

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