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Thoughts on Interracial Dating & Marriage

Are atheist, agnostics and freethinkers more or less open to dating and marrying someone of another race and why?

mbhorner 4 Aug 10

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I don't want to date anyone who is faster than me.

That is the kind of race we're talking about.


Of course!

zesty Level 7 July 13, 2019

Well, if I had fallen in love with someone from another race, I would have had serious concerns about the racism of the general public towards us. My partner would probably have the same concerns. It would be a tough decision to say "we're going to run this gauntlet", but if the relationship were strong enough, I probably would.

Orbit Level 7 Dec 17, 2018

I enjoy a variety of women of varying ages.


First of all there may be different ethnic groups but there's only one race the race of man and what you call interracial dating should be just considered dating

By the way for you folks who feel that saying the race of man maybe a little misogynistic go ahead and change that to the human race


We are more likely to. Since we more open minded and caring. Im white and no problem with mairing a latina.


It doesn't make any difference as long as u foucs on the mentality


Correlation vs causation, atheism has nothing to do with a more accepting interracial outlook. Many religions tend to have communities made up of similar races so it limits the interaction outside their race and the odds are more likely that they'll date inside their peer group.

I bet if you looked at the statistics you'd find that percentage wise the atheists have more interracial relationships than theists.


I think more open. There is no reason for international dating/ marriage to be “bad” unless people can point to religious texts as the reason they don’t sport it.


I'm Irish/Scottish descent. I glow in the middle of the day and have never had a problem dating someone of different ethnicity. Other than the fact that they dumped me. 😛

Hahaha! If I wear shorts, people flash their highbeams at my legs.


I think it just depends on your preferences and how you grow up. I was maybe 5 or 6 years old when I met an interracial couple. My friends and I asked questions about their relationship since we had never met an interracial couple before, they were so nice and patient with us. Meeting them made me realize that a person can marry whomever they want no matter their skin color.


I don't know if they are more open to it or not. That would required a broad sampling with control groups to make an actual determination of statistical fact....

and this is what happens with you live with a statistitian for 17 years.

personally, race is not an issue. I do prefer to date people taller than me but thats not saying much. I'm 5'1" so 5'6" or better....

and I never intend to marry again. once was sufficient. pretty sure things havent changed in 31 years.

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