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QUESTION Trustworthiness: Your Brain Makes a Judgment in Milliseconds | Timet

I'm not sure why so many people claim not to judge others.
Your brain does it whether you admit to it or not.

I wonder if denying judgement comes from theism, with saying like, "Judge not, lest ye be judged."

How often have you heard theists' say, " Only God can judge me" or "God is the one true judge"?

No, mofo.. we ALL judge, and our brain does it BEFORE we are even consciously aware of the judgement.
We need to judge, for survival.

When people tell me they don't judge, I know they're lying.
Maybe they mean they don't judge unfairly or negatively..
But they do judge, and they can't help it.

You are a brain doing what a brain does.

Does judgement get a bad rap?

AMGT 8 Jan 14

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I think it's all about semantics and context when using the word "judge". If you place the synonyms analyze, discern, evaluate, conclude, decide, deem, deduce, consider, or surmise in front of the word "others" then it carries no negative connotation in my mind. But if you use the synonyms condemn, convict, or condescend in front of the word "others" then it implies a negative connotation that you are placing someone in an inferior position relative to you contextually. I think using the word "judge" in the biblical context places someone in an inferior position.


I agree this post makes a valid point,...and yet, semantics semantics. Judgment vs. Evaluation. We all seem to judge to some extent. But that term itself often carries a connotation (more than its mere definition) of closing our minds to the possibility that our opinion might be based on inadequate or incomplete information. Judging is evaluating prematurely and considering it conclusive.

Personally, I get more judgmental with age as I feel more confident in my knowledge base and experience. Still, I'm usually very diplomatic and do frequently remind myself I'm fully capable of being wrong. BUT, when I feel like venting, sounding off on some socio-political current event of staggering stupidity, then I'm an arrogant know it all. I do that more on this site than almost anywhere else---yes, you're welcome. 😉 But, at the end, I still try to consider what others are saying, even, or especially, when someone is contradicting or correcting me.

Many or most of us here seem to enjoy the catharsis of venting, getting our personal opinion out. But judgmentalness in the fullest sense would seem to go a step further by not listening or considering alternate arguments. I don't think it is judgmental to voice one's opinion confidently if that opinion is based on a thorough examination of relevant facts (as opposed to alternative facts) and as long as you stay open to revising your opinion if new information warrants it.


We all look people up and down and judge them and everything we look at. we are all hypocrites, two-faced and liars to one degree or another and more.


Yes, we make instant instinctive judgements. Probably an extension of the fight or flight choice. Then we seem to weigh up that judgement, take into account other factors/information. It is amazing though, how often the initial is often correct.


Agree with @SienceBiker judging is not the same as evaluating which is what I expend great effort trying to do. Raised by a bunch of judgemental 'know betters' which is only one step away from 'am better'. I'm trying 'do better'. 😉


I can imagine were my life will be today if I didn't judged women or friends. Without that handy evaluation! Where will I be today? Like you, I judge and I let myself open to be judged. Rather than lowering my standards I just expanded the area of search and relaxed some requirements without compromising the final result.


I think the Bible is cautioning against judging other people to be morally inferior to ourselves. We all have to assess situations, or even people, constantly. But it creates stumbling blocks for all concerned when we assume we are morally superior.

skado Level 8 Jan 14, 2018

@AMGT I agree. People hide behind their misunderstandings of religious texts, and twist it to suit their own egos. Very destructive.


Don't know how much truth is in it. They say our first impression are from smell, to be specific our rear ends.


Is it judgement or evaluation? the judgement word seems linked to negative criticism

@AMGT in my personal dictionary in my tiny mind I think of evaluation as the gathering of information (Joe Gannon nothing but the facts maam) and judgement coming after an evaluation of that data. I think my christian background gives judgement the negative slant but that is probably just me

@AMGT or discernment


Nope, no bad rap


You know I agree we have no choice in the matter...

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