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What is your opinion about Alexa?

There are moments that it seems like the height of laziness, by voice commanding lights to turn on, music to play, being told a joke, or obtaining bits of education. However, I see how it can be useful for some. Modern conveniences of today have certainly taken a leap from “the clapper.”

Do you own an Alexa? What is your opinion about Alexa?

In case you are unaware of Alexa:


MyLiege 7 Jan 14

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I have a Kindle Fire and used Alexa when Amazon first put it on the device. She couldn't understand pretty much anything I said so I disabled it. I thought maybe it was just me but then last fall I got a new tablet that had Google Voice on it and I was expecting similar results but Voice recognized almost everything that I told it even when I mumbled sometimes. Maybe Alexa has gotten a lot better since I first used it but I'm loving Google Voice.

Sethy Level 4 Jan 17, 2018

I am a new user. I had to rename it Echo because my daughter's name is Alexa. LOL!

I love asking it to play music from any genre or artist. I asked it to play a song on repeat the other day and eazy peazy lemon squeazy, it worked.

I synched my AnyList app (which is AWESOME) and asked Echo to add an item. It said it couldn't find the list, so I went to my AnyList app and had to connect my specific lists (as opposed to the default Alexa list) and I tried again. Presto! Item added! That's a good feature.

I love playing Jeopardy! five times per week; I don't have it connected to any appliances or anything; and I will eventually listen to my audio books.

I don't like that it is sometimes hard to understand and I don't like that sometimes it does not hear me correctly. I DO submit the feedback regarding whether it heard me correctly so they or it can make improvements.

Summary -- I'm glad I have it because prior to getting it, my only source for music inside was the TV music stations (DirecTV).

However, I know that I am using only a miniscule fraction of the capabilities.


I am glad someone posted this question. When the device is on, it clandestinely monitors word usage, verbiage, and emotional intention of those words. They are fed into a meta database...second generation of Jade Helmet. A similar network is used where I work for "security" ( insert image of Dr. Evil here: "LAZER" ). Walmart uses it too, but it just reads lips when you shop.


From today's Guardian newspaper....

"Got an Amazon Echo for Christmas, just like every other basic-issue human. I'm under no illusion it's anything other than the larval cell of a cybernetic panopticon that will eliminate our species."

Jnei Level 8 Jan 15, 2018

Have her on a Fire tablet. She's OK but I have to push a button to hear from her. Might be a good thing 🙂

jeffy Level 7 Jan 15, 2018

I don't have one nor plan to get one. Don't have a smart phone anymore. LOL


Not my thing. Enough with the gadgets.


I have one in every room of my house! love them because you can use them as intercoms and calls. The weather is accurate, traffic before i drive to work, it sends notifications when my amazon packages are arriving or delivered, plays music, NPR cast, starts my car, I love Echo, and the dots 🙂


Is the training for when A.I. becomes more integrated into our lives.


This reminds me a lot of Ray Bradbury description of future smart homes. "The veldt" for example, I'm not saying that Alexa can kill your parents if you wish hard enough, but the themes of over dependency on technology pretty much say it all for me. I have Alexa on a tablet but it's disabled.


I hate google hounding me with guessing the next letter as I type finger by finger on this gawdamned phone. It's more than spelchek.'s like toddlers trying to argue and follow parents around telling us what to do such as where to buy candy or how to peel open the ice cream bars. Good parents can't turn off children like a toggle switch so we cope with the gift of this phone or master the built in applications Samsung Galaxy 5. ...fuck Alexa I will refuse an Echo Dot gift just as I refuse street preachers prEying upon me

Okay, got it. Seems like you're pretty angry about all this tech stuff, Green Atheist.


I don't trust "smart" devices to not spy on me. Given the history of these devices and the fact that we just recently learned that every Intel device for the past decade and change is compromised I stand by my belief that I can live without them.

Hmmmnn....for me, I don't care. I live a drama free existence, so whatever floats the spies' boats.

@BlueWave That's cool. For me I've seen the willfully ignorant (bordering on criminally negligent) decision making that goes into monetizing apps and services up close and personal. It has nothing to do with drama and everything to do with the lengths that people will go to capitalize on customers and clients. When it comes to my personal information I always say "no thanks" unless I'm getting a cut.


I'm pretty happy with my Alexa devices, although frankly since I purchased my first one in early 2015 it (the Echo service in general) seems to understand me less and less as time goes on. Rather than spend more time and money trying to make the platform work with so many other devices and services, I'd rather they stopped for a bit to shore up the comprehension once again.


I guess mine is a minority opinion, but I love Alexa. Can listen to anything on a whim, get info quickly. She'll even read books for me (although hers is not the voice I'd recommend for The Extended Phenotype). Yes, I can do all those things on my computer but I enjoy the convenience.



Do you have one?

@BlueWave I have it on my Kindle.

@bingst You have Alexa on your Kindle? Interesting. Does it do all the same things that the standalone speaker does -- answers questions, plays music, listens to radio stations, etc.?

@BlueWave I would assume so, although I've not used it. I see nothing on amazon's web site stating otherwise. Alexa is a cloud service, so in a manner of speaking it doesn't run on your local device, kind of like any web site. There's even a browser interface, so you can access it from a desktop, laptop, etc.... []
Note the links on the left, clicking View Your Dialog History, you can get to all the recordings Alexa has made and even delete them.


I wanted to get Alexa, but stupid Amazon made it very difficult here in Australia to get. So I'm a Google Home guy. It's amazing how quickly I have gotten used to AI in the house. I've got 2. Haven't got to turn on lights and so on, but music, Chromecast, etc,,,I'm doing it all now. Apple have missed the boat. Amazon lost the initiative on the world stage and they'll regret it.


Anything that works with electricity needs a backup. I pass. I need the exercise on my body and my fingers. I just mastered the remote control, I am going to use it. I am capable of finding things on my own.

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