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How long have you been here?

I'm curious how long the majority of posters have been on this site.

If you've been here since the beginning, do you spend more or less time on the main boards?

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By Crimson678
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Just 5 minutes lol

Sceniq Level 2 Aug 12, 2018

Woot!! Welcome!

About 30 minutes here!


I think I downloaded this sometime back. But I just noticed it on my new phone and logged back on. I don't have much luck with these things. Guess my photos are scary and my Messages are not interesting. Many of the things I write, if I view them next day I'm like, what in hell was I talking about.

Brown8888 Level 3 Aug 12, 2018

Just a few months.

CeliaAnne Level 6 Aug 12, 2018

8 months, 9 days but who counts. That is just the way I'm wired.


On this planet? 58 years, 36 days, 18 hours and 20 min s as of 20:10 BST smile001.gif

ipdg77 Level 8 Aug 12, 2018

Less than twenty-four hours.


I really thought I joined in November of last year, but it was actually December 7th.

KKGator Level 9 Aug 12, 2018

@Stevil Yes. And now that I've been reminded of the actual day, I remember thinking about Pearl Harbor. Like I do every year.


March 2, 2018

I think I spend more time on the main boards and less time in groups now....but I don't know for sure.


About 2 months

SeanNock Level 5 Aug 12, 2018

Since mid January.


coming up for 4 weeks

weeman Level 7 Aug 12, 2018

Apparently I joined in Feb '18 (don't remember that) but I've only been active since about May.

Bjy001 Level 7 Aug 12, 2018

I joined May 16 2018, I really enjoy this site.

Sheannutt Level 9 Aug 12, 2018

met some really good people here too!


I don't know exactly when I joined, but it's been awhile.
<--- types to admin 'When did I join?' Please and thank you.

Holysocks Level 7 Aug 12, 2018

Go to your profile and off to the right it gives you a bunch of details about your profile, and way at the bottom it gives the date you joined.

Thank you both!

You joined Jan. 15, 2018


Just found this site today. ☺️


I have now been on this site 93 minutes.

Donwhy Level 6 Aug 16, 2018

I have been here for almost 7 months. I mostly frequent the groups on here. I like to participate in subjects I like.

balou Level 8 Aug 13, 2018

that's pretty much how it works for me, too.


Two hours lol


According to my profile since Nov of 2017

Phin Level 6 Aug 12, 2018

More time on the main boards than groups.


When did this website get started?

freedom41 Level 8 Aug 12, 2018

@Crimson67 Thanks for the info.


I joined sometime last October.


About three heartbeats.


3 months, 3 days

Bill165 Level 5 Aug 12, 2018
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