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For people curious about weather especially @BucketlistBob

btroje 9 Jan 15

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Awww. Shucks. Thank you. That's pretty cool. I like the how it shows a flow of wind.

and you can zero in on particular places but I enjoy the overall picture

@btroje. Yeah..


That is way cool and it explains why A. it is so cold this morning, and B. I really should have gotten gas yesterday. FML. I am so done with winter. Draw a line from Chicago to Denver and I'm about in the middle 😟


Always windy up here.

yeah i use a chain instead of a windsock here


Cool. 🙂

Betty Level 7 Jan 15, 2018

Cold in Myrtle Beach S Carolina

@GreenAtheist do you mean it is like 50 degrees?

@btroje it was 19 last night 37 today I never left my house last year I would have been swimming 70°F in the ocean surf


50 degrees sounds right balmy to me. ;P

@Betty yeah. NOt sure of SC usual temps. Its all relative

@GreenAtheist that sounds cold


Oh, how I long for early summer and 70 degrees weather. So done with winter.

@Betty was °50F today


That's a cold day for you but a sweater day for me. lol

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