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Why am I here?

Why? Not sure. I guess it'd be nice to interact with other atheists considering I know none personally. I feel guilty creating this profile because I'm married and I love my wife, but I put open to meeting women because we had a fight and we rarely have sex. Maybe this is more therapeutic than anything considering that I value loyalty, honesty and my wife. Just would like to have more fucking sex. I also have no one to talk with about the shit I read, it's like I'm absorbing so much information but have no one to agree or disagree with..... kind of fucking boring.

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Sherlok 2 Aug 12

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Stay on this site for constructive and enlightening interactions with fellow non believers. Change your status to seeking community and don’t flatter yourself that just because you don’t believe in god all the women on here are going to be lining up to have sex with you. Work the sex issue out with your wife, one way or the other. (we couldn’t with my last wife, which is one of the reasons I am alone) Then decide if you both can compromise or need to move on. Then come back and change your status to looking to meet. Of course maybe you could talk your wife into an open marriage, then as long as your honest with whomever you might meet, could work out.


Try marriage counseling or at least separate. Don't cheat on her.

Carin Level 8 Aug 13, 2018

I can't speak for your wife , after all , I don't know her . But if your conversation with her is the same as this short paragraph , I wouldn't want you either . While I know it wouldn't bother others on here , for me , reading , " more fucking sex , shit , fucking boring , " liberally sprinkling your conversation with ugly words , means that's exactly how little respect or affection you have for her . You're talking shit to her . Not exactly the romantic words she'd like to hear . Not the way she expected to be treated . In my humble opinion , you've sucked the love and romance out of her life and replaced it with all that fucken shit .



Use this community to satisfy your intellectual hunger, your need for discussion. Then, perhaps you and your wife can more readily work on the rest. Maybe that could be the more honest, loyal way.

Zster Level 8 Aug 12, 2018

Wow. If you really valued honesty and loyalty I don’t believe you would have put “open to meeting women”.

I don’t know your situation but a wife is not something you can just trade in for a different model. Your question should be “work it out with wife or divorce “.


I voted work it out too because it seems like the right thing to try to do first. However, there is nothing wrong with being here and having conversations with people about the things that you need to talk about. And there is nothing wrong with wanting more sex. I saw your comment, "why am I here" and it caught my attention because I was asked "why was I here" by someone when I joined.


I voted for work it out with your wife, but I'll tell you, if you're not having enough sex AND you can't talk to her about what you read, it doesn't look good. After my ex-wife and I were married for 20-some odd years and had a couple of kids around, our sex life suffered quite a bit, but I could always talk to her about what I was reading and what I was thinking, at least up until the very end (long story). For me anyway, the talking was the more important part.

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