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Atheist vs Agnostic an Atheists proof

There either is or is not a god. If you believe there is you believe that you will be granted eternal life (assuming you pick the right church and good luck on that lottery). If you believe that there isnt. Then you can just get on with your life. If you refuse to make that call you have lost. Let me put it this way. About 22 years ago I visited Jerusalem. A odd place for an atheist but I was there. Now for the most part it was peaceful (then) probably due to massive amounts of security. However all the different religions kept to themselves. Jews orthodox/reform, Coptic, Catholic, Orthodox Greek/Russian. Muslim Shea/Sunni. All seemed to say the same thing " you are one of us or your not " . Right in the middle was the dome of the rock where Muslims believe Abraham was going to sacrifice Issac. That was the tone of the place. From what I hear you are nobody in Chicago till youve had someone rubbed out. Well your nobody in Jerusalem till youve put a kid on an altar. God botherers talk of love but give us death. Hypothetically if god existed, then all those people that prayed to him (some as much as 5 times a day) might get an answer saying " don't kill or hurt people". I am not asking for a miracle, no parting of seas or burning bushes just "play nice" ......silence, nothing, zilch. So even if and that`s a f*ckin big IF he does exist? what bloody use is he? Worse than than that ask yourself this. Would those guys have flew into the twin towers on 9/11 if the concept of an afterlife did not exist? I leave with one lasting memory of that trip. As we drove towards Caesarea, a road sign read "Armageddon welcomes careful drivers"

273kelvin 8 Jan 15

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The modern religion is mercy filled. In a lot of the old dark arts the Aztec, Mayans cultures if you were not royalty or priest doom they were to the underworld. Have never quite figured out what made cultures so degrading to people think there would be some positive ideas out there.

Catholics blocking birth control in 3rd wold counties (including condoms) JW`s refusing blood transfusions,. Evangelist alt right groups apposing abortion to mostly poor mothers who would have to bring their children up in poverty. Kids on altars

The very act of communion "and god gave up his only begotten son"


My God is an ether in the dark void of ultimate reality; never to be truly discovered or understood by humanity, and neither creator of morality or immortality.

mzee Level 7 Jan 15, 2018

Like I said "what bloody use is he/she/it?"


I too have been to Jerusalem. I lived there for a month in college and took tourists through the Old City. Don't forget the Dome of the Rock has the same stone that Allah ascended to Heaven.I've also been to Caesaria, a former Roman stronghold on Israel's coast. There is another sign posted on the road and I have a picture of it. "Do not be satisfied visiting - come inside and experience the Real Caesaria." A lot of contradictions in the Holy Land.

Did you listen to the song? It kept running though my head as we went by the detritus of millennia of conflict. The noted writer Clive James did the lyrics PS Stephen Fry is a fan of his work

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