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I also want to say I’m new on here and I haven’t been asked for money from some who’s says they are from here but are currently out of the country.

Sailor 3 Jan 15

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If I tell you that I'm a Prince from Nigeria and send my email addy, will you supply your bank account info? I will, of course transfer immediately to this the sum of 4M$$$, keeping a small portion for myself as transaction fee...."dear". πŸ˜‰


Welcome to asite with actual people with brains AND class!

Hey now! I have never, in my life, been accused of having class. Or brains, for that matter. I'm just here for the jokes.


OMG, do guys get that too? I love you and only you, even though we've never met in person and I need $1000 now.

Yes we do, lots of them. I don't think scammers discriminate. Equal opportunity for all!


Hi and welcome to our freethinker community. If you suspect a scammer report them to admn and they will delete them. We have some awesome people here.


Send me one month's salary now or I'm telling Trump's psychic.


Can't tell you how many fake Gahan Americans I have run into on other sites. They get very mad with me because I have been to many countries, including Africa so I use that as an advantage to mess with them. Think I may have made a few crap their pants with fear.


You should be safe here. So far no one has asked me for money. And the few posters who I considered shouldn't probably be here were gone shortly.


Hi. I'm stuck in a foreign country(Colorado). I am Involved in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster very deeply and need to escape. All these people talk like pirates and do fund raisers for the needy. It's horrible.
Anyway evidently the great FSM ( may you be touched by his noodlely appendage) needs your money very badly.

Fixed that. Anyway welcome!


This sounds like a posting made by one of the hated and heretical break-off sects, maybe even (shudder) from one of those abominable Afredo freaks! Asking for money, indeed! TRUE pirates want plunder! Nothing so crass as cash!

@BookDeath lol


Welcome! I'm a duly-appointed representative of __ (insert country name here). I'm contacting you today to inform you that you've won our nation's lottery. Congratulations!
Just send $1,000 (US), for taxes, exchange and transfer fees, and I will send you your check for $6 million (US).


Welcome. I hope that you continue to participate.


the few times something like that showed up it is handled swiftly after Admin is notified. Welcome to the group

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