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Pro or con? (The correct answer is "con." Filthy, disgusting things.)

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josh_karpf 7 Jan 15

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Mine get washed with the kitchen towels. But yes, usually full of what spills over.


Your in reference to the cloth ones . Silicon rubber is amazing . The cloth ones can be washed as well . If your talking about paraphrnalia , it can be cleaned up too 😉

Dougy Level 7 Feb 12, 2018

That's not a question...


They are washable so I prefer on not to burn my hands while cooking.

Betty Level 7 Jan 15, 2018

I concur


Since I prefer NOT burning myself, or my counter tops, I swear by 'em.
Interesting fact, they are washable.

Yup yup


Are you talking about the thing that keeps an urn from wiggling off a mantle.

I've been looking for wiggling urns! Where did you get yours?

@KKGator serves me right for trying to type fast to go get my kids from school. lol

@KKGator Some people have blowers on their fireplaces and the mantels tend to vibrate. Should have chosen a better adjective.

@azzow2 I'm totally bummed. I really wanted to know where to get wiggling urns. 😟

@KKGator Now ya know!

@HeyHiHullo Oooooh! I was really liking it until I saw "Price On Request". I can't afford it!! Thanks, though. 😀

@KKGator This is about as close as I can get.


Are we talking about kitchen potholders? Just toss them in the laundry with the dishrags and hand towels. Or, get some of those silicone potholders. You can just rinse those puppies off and they're clean as a whistle.

No kidding!


Are you speaking of cloth or silicon pads to help you move hot pots from the stove or oven? I'm not understanding your question.


Not sure what this poll has to do with anything since the answer con is one that was suggested as being correct would you want others in put on this before trying to judge at least try to hear why anyone might pick pro or cons just a suggestion and food for thought ok.

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