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What's your vacation destinations this year?

New Mexico. Grand canyon. Gone fishing!

BucketlistBob 8 Jan 16

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What's a vacation ? Is that something for rich people ?

You ever rent a cabin in a state park... cheap and pretty cool at the same time... I'm a poor

@BucketlistBob I don't have a life I exist that's all

@DanielGriffith. I'm sorry to here that... if you lived close to me I would visit you...


I haven't made up mu mind yet but I will vacation in july for my brithday


Staying at home


I geocache so there will be a number of weekend events I will attend but all within Florida. Will probably visit parents in rural Alabama.

My daughter is a travel agent that sells cruises and we usually go every 6 months but am skipping this year so that we can take a 10 day cruise in 2019.

My first cruise ever was slightly over a year ago and I climbed Altun Ha, Chacchoben, and Tulum which is something I always wanted to do but figured I would never see.

Cool... i loved cruises


none, havent taken a vacation in 3.5 years and that was my first vacation in the decade prior.


Hoping to go out west and visit some monuments and national parks. I've always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon too. Probably a road trip with a friend somewhere. Last year we went to SC and watched the eclipse, it was awesome!


If I could Bora Bora island survival workshop. Kind of hard to do with little ones in tow when they get a tad older I am going to take them. Going to Galveston in November my ship is having a reunion. We do not live to far from Grand Canyon could be good for a few night camping and seeing the bottom of the canyon. Have to see what pans out.

Now that's cool... bottom of the canyon... yeah!


The USA and the Bahamas. Hong kong and Bali again if i can scavenge enough pennies. I'm taking donations 😉

Sacha Level 7 Jan 16, 2018

eleuthra [ bahamas] is truly brilliant. the best beach I've ever been on


None in reality. Plenty in my head.


Grand Canyon-working on it....

go to the north rim

@btroje. I'm going to remember that. I hate to get nickel and dime to death..

@BucketlistBob fewer people and a different more intimate feel

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